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MiDo Consulting provides small business owners and entrepreneurs one-on-one support in starting, operating, and growing their business through consulting, strategy development, and execution services.

We Help Start-ups Start...
We are here to support Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs take their great new idea from concept to execution.

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Helping clients start and grow their business! There is nothing more exhilarating, and more scarry, than starting your own business. The self-doubt, the struggle with putting the plan together, and finding all the information can be overwhelming. I love helping my clients break it down into small pieces and getting it done. Helping clients move forward with more clarity, more focus, and the confidence they need to know they can succeed.

I have started 3 successful small businesses over the past 24 years and volunteered to do pro-bono small business mentoring for over a year. In the corporate world, I have managed multi-layered Marketing, Sales, Analytics, and Operations teams, all supporting Small Business Owners.

Therefore, I decided to start MiDo Consulting as I saw Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs struggling to start and grow their business. With a number of free mentoring available, there are few places that actually provide hands-on support when required. That means, I can assist with guidance, but also act as a partner in helping to move the business forward, directly.

I believe that every business is unique, and requires unique solutions. That means we review your business or business plan together and develop an actionable plan to move it forward. Working within a client's timeline is critical, and understanding that things come up, therefore, we are flexible. We offer many different plans, depending on the amount and type of assistance required.

All of my services are offered either in person or virtually via Zoom.

I provide all my services virtually via Zoom or MS Teams. When meeting in person, I will meet outside while wearing a mask.


We are here to support Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs take their great new idea from concept to execution. With years of experience in developing business, marketing, and financial plans, you can start your business with more clarity and focus. We help you layout your execution plan and create short, mid, and long-term strategies so you can get your business up and running faster. We often start with a focus on establishing a Lean Canvas, then assist you in developing a strong dynamic business plan. With unique ideas come unique solutions. At MiDo Consulting, we are here to give you the confidence and the support you need to be successful.

From small to mid-sized businesses, we help you take your hard work to the next level. We seek to deliver unique solutions for your business based on your needs. We are not a one size fits all approach company. We know that every business is unique, so are we. We will work with you to develop a short, mid, and long term plan that has measurable outcomes. We often use a Business Model Canvas to evaluate your existing business offerings and value propositions. Ongoing reviews allow you to pivot and focus on actions that are driving results and cutting out those that don't. Our ultimate goal is to increase your profits, and help you get back to doing what you do best, run your business.

With over 24 years helping Small and Mid-Sized Businesses, we know how to help companies and organizations set up marketing and sales strategies. Marketing and Sales Operations, measurement, and optimization are critical to the success of any business. It is even more so when trying to sell to business owners. We have supported a wide range of industries with short and long sales cycles. We can get you back on track and deliver what business owners and entrepreneurs expect.

Utilizing CRM's and marketing automation tools help any organization, but only when executed correctly. We find that often there is a disconnect between Marketing, Sales, and/or IT departments. We will help you design a measurable streamlined process that focuses on measurability. We deliver strategies for Marketing and Sales that create synergies, not battles. Let us help you take your operations to the next level.