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MetaWellness.life provides comprehensive and evidence-based wellness coaching. Dr. Casey is the only known certified wellness coach in the world who holds both a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology. Read more in the Q&A below.

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12 October 2021

In my past, I sought counseling from psychologists for traumatic experiences and long-term anxiety. Casey helped support my treatment goals and learn to understand and handle different life situations. He helped me overcome stressful events, become a better leader, and be more successful in my career. More...

12 October 2021

Casey, one of the wellness coaches, and I had wonderful sessions. He's friendly, kind, and I never felt disappointed. I'm very satisfied with his wellness coaching. I never felt that I'm different or abnormal while we are talking because he's respectful, nonjudgemental, and caring. More...

12 October 2021

I have more problems than I have fingers. Lol. But really, Casey made me feel comfortable. It was my first time using a wellness coach. I was scared some, and worried I would be judged. But casey's personality made me feel safe. He's a unique person, and very good at what he does. More...

12 October 2021

I started working with Casey over a year ago. I thought I had tried everything, and I thought no one could help. But Casey helped me think through my wellness goals. We broke them down into ways that I didn't feel so overwhelmed. As it turns out, I ended up being able to achieve more than I ever thought I could, thanks to Casey. I always find new areas of my life I want to improve, and that's why I still work with Casey. More...

11 October 2021

Highly recommend Casey! 5 stars!!

11 October 2021

Casey is awesome! He's fun to talk to, genuine, and caring. He might have even saved my life. I'm grateful Casey was patient with me because I'm so very stubborn. Ha! Thanks Casey!

11 October 2021

Wow. I was stuck for many years. Both in my career and in my personal life. Casey helped me get unstuck. I'm so happy I hired Casey as my wellness coach.

11 October 2021

It has taken me a few years to decide on hiring a wellness coach. After spending time with Casey, I realized I should have hired one sooner. I recommend Casey, and I recommend you don't want to be well. More...

11 October 2021

The hardest step is the first. I was lacking with regards to motivation and inspiration, also, having much burdensome experience. At last, I signed up. It was the best choice I made. I’m happy I opened up this channel since I realize I will be working with Casey at MetaWellness.Life a lot more. More...

11 October 2021

Individual training resembled a more viable type of treatment that didn’t zero in on my feelings but centered around solutions and answers for my problems. Casey dissected my difficulties, bringing up issues that I hadn’t understood, and afterward assisted me with creating small, obtainable, approaches to work on issues. In particular, I thought that it is important to get the viewpoint of somebody who was altogether level headed – with no interest in my circumstance other than helping me to arrive at my goals. More...

11 October 2021

Working with Casey at MetaWellness.Life has been an unbelievable encounter. The chance to have one individual who had the option to include all parts of my life, from the individual to the expert, was so powerful. We all have desires that may in some cases appear to be impossible until an essential individual aides us through a way of becoming unstuck. More...

11 October 2021

I strongly suggest working with Casey at MetaWellness.Life. Together we invented a plan to accomplish individual and expert objectives within a fast time span, using a warm character and demonstrable skill. We changed apparently overwhelming tasks into reachable objectives. More...


Helping people. MetaWellness.Life was designed from the idea that everyone deserves a happy life and to achieve their wellness goals.

For many years, the founder of MetaWellness.Life, Casey, lived a very unhappy life. After years of struggling and personal suffering, he transformed his life through wellness strategies and tools. Now, he dedicates his life to helping other people live a better life in an effort to avoid the same suffering he went through.

The majority of wellness coaches lack higher formal education. Casey, the founder of MetaWellness.Life, is believed to be the only wellness coach in the world who holds both a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a Psy.D in counseling psychology. Furthermore, many wellness coaches do not understand what it's like to be "stuck" or live an unhealthy life. Casey has "been there and done that." He understands from both an empathetic perspective and a practical perspective.

All our services are conducted over Zoom, usually using audio-only. If the client prefers video, that can be arranged. All Zoom links are in the client portal on our website, and also emailed automatically the day before each wellness session.

Since all our services are online over Zoom, we can safely conduct our services without adjustment for Covid-19.


Comprehensive and evidence-based wellness coaching for lasting results