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We are a team of creatives who are striving to bring about a revolution in the digital world. Meta Designs Studio is a digital agency that not only strives to provide its customers with top-notch design services but also the best customer service that they have experienced.

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16 February 2022


If I could give this company a zero I would. An investor pulled out from my project after I paid Meta Designs $428. I told them I would need to put my project on hold and I asked for a refund. At this point Meta Designs only created a logo that I DID NOT LIKE and a script that was too long. I did not approve ANYTHING. I told the company that I did not like any of their renderings and I also told them they are not a good fit for my project. I asked for my money back and they refused to give it back to me after telling me if I was not satisfied with the work I would get my money back. More...

5 January 2022

Meta Designs Studio is one of the fantastic web agencies I have come across in a while. Post consulting them for website maintenance, it is functioning like a pro, with secure means. In addition to this, I am getting core upgrades and automatic backups. It is enabling me to concentrate on the business solely. An ideal scenario for a trader! More...

5 January 2022

I was facing numerous issues with my website. I hired Meta Designs Studios to look at my website. I was a bit reluctant at first, but they started working on my website and removed all of the bugs and errors. My doubts were clear, and I was glad to choose them. Keep up the excellent work! More...

5 January 2022

My overall experience with Meta Designs Studios is great. Because I get cool animation videos in a week for my business. Which is great to generate leads and sales. More...


Good websites are well organized and follow a structure. They are not cluttered; they are clean and professional. The organization makes a website accessible and user-friendly. By creating a thoughtful organizational structure in your website, site visitors will be able to better navigate and find the content in your site.

1. What are the objectives? How do you define success?
2. If the project doesn't succeed, what are the implications?
3. Why is this project so important? What is the case for change?
4. What are the key milestones? What are the most important dates?
5. What are the most important decisions that need to be made? What will prevent us from making those decisions?
6. What are the biggest obstacles to getting this done?
7. Who are the key stakeholders? Who's the owner/sponsor? Who influences but doesn't own? Who has the potential to be an obstacle?
8. What are the project's greatest assets?
9. How can we best leverage those assets?
10. What are the most important areas we should always focus on?

We love helping shape identity. We all have a personal identity and knowing what that is gives meaning to our lives. The same goes for any business. When a company or organization has a clear sense of its brand, it strengthens its purpose and vision. It creates confidence and focus. It makes the business real. We love seeing our clients succeed. And when we can give them a strong identity they can be proud of, and see the success that comes of it, it means the world to our team.

These reasons to start a business are most likely to lead to success.

* You See an Opportunity.
* You Have an Idea That Will Deliver Value to Customers.
* You Have a Business Idea You've Already Validated.
* You Believe Your Solution Can Achieve Something Unique.
* You Enjoy Learning by Doing and Taking on New Responsibilities.

We strongly believe in evolution, and that is what gives us the edge over our competitors. We aim to stay connected with the latest ongoing trends and deliver nothing but the best to our clients. We are a team of experts driven by a passion for adding value to your brand.

Yes, you can reach us at our website or just over the call and we'll get the things done for you.


A logo depicts the potential that a brand holds and the heights to which it can reach. Our highly qualified designers will craft a logo for your brand that will leave your competitors awestruck

Be it an illustrated logo or a 3D logo, and we will deliver nothing but the best for your brand.

From conceptualization to the production, delivery, and maintenance of your website. We at splendiddesignstudios offer phenomenal web design and development services to build a better image of your brand and create an exceptional digital footprint of your business.

Our web design services are personalized for each client to fit your needs, customer base, budget, and business goals.

Animated videos are the most powerful tool that can quickly boost your sales, bring more organic traffic to your website, and interactively describe your brand and business. We bring our broad background in animation design to work best for your company.

You can get outstanding results with increased conversions in a fun way. At Meta Design Studio, we offer you enthralling animated videos of all types.