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30 July 2021

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Oct 2019. After my bi-lateral mastectomy, I experienced some nerve damage and shoulder damage. Following my initial surgery I had 4 more, totaling 5 surgeries in 10 months. With my arm constantly by my side for a year, the damage continued. I started Physical Therapy in 2020 and continued going for almost 1 year with no progress. I saw an Orthopedic surgeon who wanted to "explore" my shoulder. He couldn't guarantee any results. That's when I sought other means of therapy and found Greta. In just 3 sessions she has been able to make MORE progress than a year of PT did! She's great at explaining what she's doing, why I'm feeling the pain/stretch/limits I'm feeling. She explains the process of how she's going to treat my shoulder in different stages. Currently I'm in the Orthopedic Rehab stage. Once we have this completed, she will move to the next phase of treatment to include prevention of lymphedema as well as releasing the webbing that has occurred under my arm. She is very gentle and never pushes too hard or causes pain. I HIGHLY recommend Greta!! More...

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6 March 2021

Greta is a master of her craft. My search for a good masseuse stops with her. She is extremely professional and I love how she uses technology to remind us about our appointment and makes sure to gives tips on post massage care.

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