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Manhattan Motorcars Porsche is a dealership in New York with huge selection of new and used Porsche cars, as well as factory authorized parts and service center by certified technicians. We serve all Tri-State areas.

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30 October 2020

This is a true snake pit!!! Speaking only of Porsche. Cheats, liars and pretenders. These people hide behinds the expensive name, but in reality they are worse than any average dealership pedaling lemons and lies. Walking in and looking at MILLIONS of dollars worth in cars, you get a fake sense of security or just this feeling that when paying big money for any of these cars, one will get a service that will be different from other places.. WHAT A CROCK OF BS. These are the same wolves in sheep's clothing, the same predators, the same crooks, they are simply better dressed and carry a slightly better tune. Make no mistake, they are here to !@#* you all the same, just at a much higher price!! These people will sell you any warranty they can, promise you the sky. THEY ARE VERY GOOD LIARS. Problem of course becomes when you actually want to use your MULTIPLE THOUSANDS of DOLLARS warranty and they start coming up with any and every excuse in the book to not allow you to use it, all while keeping the money you paid for the warranty. As I have stated above, THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO PRAY ON OTHERS. These are the leeches and scum of our society. These are crooks. If someone takes your money under fake promises and pretenses, they are called crooks. Im talking from the TOP down. From their top management to their salesmen to their to their service people. Nothing is honored, time frames are given, but those are a JOKE. 8 days after they took the car and were supposed to have delivered it by now, they now claim that they can start the work just now, except they actually can't due to some insane made up reason. To reiterate, they took thousands of dollars for a warranty, they ACTUALLY overcharged by a 1,000$  (thousand), it appears that someone literally put a grand in their own pocket (not sure what this high society calls it, but we all know it as THEFT), we'll let the judge decide that particular one. This is truly, and I do mean truly, a vipers pit. I have had other German luxury cars. All new, all expensive, all from dealerships, none have ever went out of their way to screw a customer this hard. This is one for the books. THIS IS ROCK BOTTOM!!!! Yelp gives no option to give less than 1 star... this dump does not deserve any stars, not 1, not half nor quarter. Alas, if one needs to write a review, the price is 1 Star. Its steep, just like the price of everything at this place @ 711 11th Ave, NY NY there are plenty of other PORSCHE dealerships in the city of New York and its vicinity, and while I cannot promise anyone that there would not be any hiccups or mistakes at these other places, i CAN tell you that this place, 711 11Ave, is a place of dishonesty, cheats and liars. I sincerely hope that anyone reading this review, takes it to heart and thinks twice of going to a place that does this to anyone. As for the people working at this dealership, if this review stings or hurts your pride in any way, GOOD! I did what was intended, I got your attention. Hopefully I have the attention of the next buyer or car owner who was going to bring their car to you. Here's to sober thinking and hopefully them taking their business elsewhere. You are disgusting, dishonest and shameful. DO NOT GIVE THIS DEALERSHIP YOUR BUSINESS. More...

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29 September 2020

I would give zero stars if I could but the girl who answered the phone was super nice so they deserve a 1 star!!!This place just lost a valuable long time customer. After the unfortunate event of someone taking a bat to my Bentley Mulsanne windshield while parked on the desolate streets of Manhattan I decided to take my car to Manhattan Motorcars to get it fixed. I had purchased my first Bentley from them back in 2010. Since I had previously had a great experience with them I figured it would be the best place to take my car so that it could be in trusted hands. The quote was for $6500 which I agreed with Tony Allen the service advisor and then an additional $500 was added to my credit card after the quote. So $7,000 for a windshield replacement. Upon receiving my car I noticed there was a small hole on the passenger seat of my car. Now I know my car the way any car enthusiast knows their car and I know I didn't give my car to them in this condition. After going back and fourth via email and them not wanting to claim responsibility, I spoke to Tony Allen's manager John Lomando who said he will talk to Tony Allen who then came around and said" we will do the right thing, bring in the car so we can fix it" When you hear that you expect for them to take care of the matter free of charge since they were the ones that caused for the hole to happen. After taking the time out of my busy work schedule and making my way to Manhattan Motorcars they had the AUDACITY to tell me that they were going to charge me $350 for a hole THEY made on my seat. This is UNACCEPTABLE. I will be warning all of my friends that have luxury vehicles to STAY AWAY from this greedy and unreliable dealership.Be careful with Tony Allen. More...

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23 August 2020

We had a pleasant experience at Manhattan Motorcars. Purchased a Cayenne. Came back for the extra key and they cleaned the car for me too. Tons of luxury cars to choose from including some you will never see elsewhere. Ask for Fredy if you go! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

22 July 2020

Customers service horrible at Porsche service.. front desk lady Lanka rude ..  doesn't meet Porsche standards at all ... or she has race issues..

Reviewed on Yelp

13 June 2020

It's not everyday that you get to buy the car of your dreams. But a few weeks ago I did exactly that and Manhattan Motorcars made it happen. They didn't have the EXACT car that I wanted, but they did let me test drive a couple of their cars to just make sure I liked it enough to order it with the spec that I wanted. They scoured the country to find my car.  A brand new one was making its way to Florida on a boat from Europe, so they intercepted it and had it delivered to them in Manhattan.  I have to say they made it so easy for me. Cars are my passion and I've been dreaming of this one since the first model came out in 2003-2004. I can't believe I own one! Manhattan Motorcars did this all whilst social distancing amid Covid-19 and the (totally valid) protests in Manhattan.  Money and material things can not give you happiness. But on occasion, they can certainly bring a smile to your face. Knowing that you worked hard to get here. Remember people first, then money, then things (Suze Orman). More...

Reviewed on Yelp

9 March 2020

Recently decided to look at a possible options to replace my Mercedes AMG C63s upon arrival I was greeted by a kind staff and even ended up having a nice long conversation with the manager of the Bugatti, Lamborghini and Bentley areas. Despite this when I arrived at the Lamborghini's (a huracan seemed like a natural next step) I was met by a salesman who was playing with his phone very clearly watching videos on Facebook. I asked the salesman "Manny Quinones" if he could give me some information about the cars to which he quickly replied "no". I then I asked why not and he looked at me and said "Are you even in the market for any of these cars?" I said I was not sure to which he replied I have real work to do and pointed at his empty ask and even looked shocked when there was nothing on it. He then proceeded to get up and walk away. Unfortunately for you Manny I was in the market for one of these vehicles and your poor demeanor and disrespect completely turned me off to both you and your dealership and I will absolutely make sure to let my fellow motor enthusiasts know how piss poor your customer service is. More...

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