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Lightning Mobile Services is Denver’s leading exterior property maintenance services provider. We perform dependable, economical property management services such as pressure washing (or "power washing"), media blasting (or "sandblasting"), graffiti removal, snow removal and ice control, parking lot striping, sweeping and more for the Greater Denver Metro area.

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At Lightning Mobile Services, we strive to meet all of your property maintenance needs, which is why we’re pleased to offer several different types of media blasting services.

Our abrasive blasting media types include:

Crushed Glass or Recycled Glass
Corn Cob
Walnut Shell
Dry Ice
Glass Bead
Plastic Bead
and more..

With decades of experience offering everything from pressure washing to media blasting services for commercial and industrial operations, we have the expertise and equipment to properly clean and restore any surface, whether you want to remove dirt and grime from glass or plastic, you’re looking to treat rust on metal, or you’re prepping surfaces to receive new paint or coating materials.

How do you know which media blasting service to schedule?

It’s easy with expert advice from the talented team at Lightning Mobile Services. With a consultation and free quote, you’ll have all the information you need to choose the abrasive blasting technique that meets your practical and aesthetic needs. Whether you want to keep operations running during the blasting process, you’re looking for EPA, FDA, and USDA approved methods for health and safety, or you require the most aggressive forms of blasting, we have the options you’re seeking.

We also know how to protect surfaces from damage during the blasting process. Maybe you’re trying to expose historic brick that has been painted over. Perhaps you need to remove paint and rust from metal so it can be re-coated. Or you may want to remove built-up grime from surfaces in your commercial kitchen. We’ll recommend the best media for your abrasive blasting purposes and ensure that surfaces are protected from undue harm in the process.

At Lightning Mobile Services, we’re not satisfied unless you’re satisfied, which is why we proudly offer a comprehensive slate of property maintenance services for your convenience, so you can find everything you need under one roof. We can bring our advanced equipment to your location, or you can drop off parts at our facility for treatment in our blast rooms.

Our media blasting services are ideal surface treatments designed for:

Rust removal
Surface prep
and more..

Over time, all kinds of contaminants can build up on surfaces in and around your property, or exterior surfaces may be subject to the ravages of the elements. If you want to preserve the integrity of structures and equipment, cleaning and maintenance are essential.

Lightning Mobile Services is pleased to provide the services you need to keep your commercial or industrial property attractive and functional indefinitely.

Pressure washing can address a wide array of property maintenance concerns, including:

Dirt and debris
Grease and oil
Limescale and other mineral deposits
Concrete etching
Damaged or deteriorated asphalt or concrete
Removal of paint and other coatings
and more..

With so many options for different pressure settings, along with options for cold or hot water, not to mention the addition of detergents, we truly can treat any surface that needs cleaning, paint removal, or more aggressive stripping. Our highly trained team has the expertise to assess your surfaces and determine the best method of pressure washing to meet your needs without harming remaining surface materials.

While artists like Banksy have made a career out of producing thought-provoking political graffiti, most tags are not considered public art, but merely an eyesore, marring your commercial and industrial property and impacting perceptions of your community. As such, you naturally want to address this vandalism in a speedy and effective manner.

Lightning Mobile Services is happy to help, with professional graffiti removal services that restore your buildings, fencing, automobiles, or other affected surfaces to their former, pristine state. We have performed these services for public institutions, including the State of Colorado and the City of Thornton, and no project is too small or large for our attention.

Your satisfaction is our greatest concern, and we’ve built a strong reputation on providing the many property maintenance services commercial and industrial operations need. With over 30 years of experience serving Colorado property owners, we’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of offering exceptional services and outstanding customer support.

When your property is subjected to vandalism, we’re on the job, expediently removing graffiti from any surface, including buildings, fencing, machinery, and even delicate surfaces like windows or plastics. We can bring our specialized equipment to you, complete with our fleet of vehicles that makes it possible to remove graffiti even in hard-to-reach places.

For more information about professional graffiti removal in the Denver Metro Area or any of our other commercial and industrial maintenance services, contact us today!

We have the heavy street sweeping equipment needed to address large surface areas and effectively and efficiently restore the appearance of your parking lot or garage, as well as street surfaces around your property.

We’re are happy to supplement parking area and street sweeping services with snow removal and ice mitigation when the weather changes. With exterior maintenance services from Lightning Mobile Services, you can ensure safe entry to your place of business year-round, as well as attractive outdoor spaces that make a good first impression.

Whether you need deep cleaning, regular parking lot sweeping, or day porter services in between, we have the comprehensive property maintenance services you need under one roof, for maximum convenience and exceptional outcomes.

For more information about parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, or any of our other commercial and industrial maintenance services, contact us today!

We’re pleased to offer a variety of parking lot striping and signage services, as well as supplemental provisions, including:

Removing old stripes and curb paint
Parking lot/street sweeping
Pressure washing all parking lot or parking garage surfaces to remove dirt and grime
Asphalt and concrete repair
Concrete flatwork
Restriping existing layouts
Planning new layouts as needed
Adding parking that complies with standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Installing visual guidance/instructions for vehicular and pedestrian traffic

It’s important not to underestimate the advantages of a clean, well-maintained, and properly organized parking area.

For more information about parking lot striping and signage or any of our other commercial and industrial maintenance services, contact us today!

Our talented team can help you to create a plan for attractive landscaping that meets all of your goals and expectations.

Whether you have existing landscaping that needs ongoing upkeep to remain vibrant and attractive, or you’re looking to replace overgrown or unsuitable landscaping, or you just need to start from scratch with a barren lot, we’ll create a plan that makes the most of your space and takes your goals into consideration.