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At Lifeskills Counseling, we stand ready to help you take steps towards making change and find your balance again! Our experienced team of mental health professions prides itself on finding the most effective and respectful methods to resolve your problems.

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29 May 2019

Dr. Bobbie Jean Schorr literally saved my relationship and my marriage. My now-husband and I bought a house and began living together before we were married, and we quickly discovered we had a lot of communication issues upon moving in together. Bobbie gave us the tools and really worked with us to sort out our issues both as a couple and individually. We decided after that to get married. My husband and I still loved and cared about each other, but marriage came with a different set of problems to contend with. She worked through those problems with us as well, and my husband really liked having her support as we went through the first year of marriage. I still see Bobbie individually for my own issues, but it's been awhile since my husband and I saw her for couple's therapy just because we've been getting along incredibly well for so long. Now we are pregnant and expecting our first child in July. My husband continues to prove every day what an amazing husband and partner he is, and what a great father he will be, and I am so happy with him. I don't think any of this would have been possible without Bobbie. I owe her my life and will forever be grateful for all she has done for us. More...

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We enjoy helping people resolve their problems and reach their fullest potential.

We felt that most therapists spend more time in theory and interpretation of problems rather than actually trying to understand the most effective and efficient ways to solve them. We want to provide a better place for you to improve, grow, and thrive in all of your emotional, psychological, and social needs. We believe that we can be the catalyst for you to achieve an optimal level of functional and achieve excellence. Are you ready?

We like to go outside of the status quo and find different ways to understand the situations that are preventing your best self.