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We profoundly believe that optimal health and boosted energy levels are achievable at every stage of life. The LifeBoostFit solution is to make health a habit and transform our client's lives, so they have the quality of mental and physical health for the long term.

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25 April 2022

Tibor is way more than a personal trainer. He and his staff create healthy lifestyles! I love working with LifeBoostFit because they’ve targeted my bad eating habits and triggers for emotional eating. Slowly but surely, I’ve lost over 20 pounds and have made tons of progress with changing my habits. If you want to get the weight off FOR GOOD you have to change your behavior. Tibor has been instrumental in getting me on a healthier path. If you want to get healthy from the comfort of your own home through Zoom or FaceTime or whatever, but still want to be held accountable with scheduled appointments and an actual person to motivate you (like me!), LifeBoostFit is your best bet! They’re affordable and worth every dime! More...

23 April 2022

Lifeboostfit has changed my life. You’re never to young or old to be fit. Lifeboostfit has thought me that making yourself the priority ensures confidence and happiness. Fitness is a key component to that! More...

23 April 2022

Thank you to Tibi for all the inspiration and motivation to get me to my goals. He is beyond knowledgeable and helpful in personalizing my journey towards better health. I genuinely look forward to my sessions with Tibi and highly recommend him! More...

23 April 2022

Tibor began working with me a year ago during the pandemic in the most comprehensive fitness zoom sessions and program I have ever participated in (30+ years). What touches me the most about Tibor is how he wants clients to focus on healthy lifestyle vs. weight loss. Healthy lifestyle will absolutely help you in weight loss but far more (i.e. one's blood work, mental health, bone density, etc.)
Tibor also makes himself available to our young people in ways they can participate and succeed. Tibor's international training is so comprehensive in scope while providing the individual detail to each and every client.
Top-notch human being and dedicated professional in the realm of Holistic health.

22 April 2022

Tibor is my Health GURU!! I was on LifeBoostFit’s 3-month program and then just kept going because I was losing weight and feeling really good. Tibor trains me online (he’s in LA and I’m in NYC), and he’s given me customized menus and recipes, plus helping me change some of my bad habits. He is so knowledgable about nutrition and fitness! I knew I wouldn’t do the fitness thing on my own because I normally hate working out, but Tibor pushes me, keeps me accountable, and changes up the training so I’m never bored. I’ve totally changed my eating habits because of his guidance. I give LifeBoostFit a big thumbs up! More...

21 April 2022

LifeBoostFit has had an AMAZING impact on my life! Tibor is so inspiring and knows so much about nutrition, health, and fitness. I'd highly recommend him to anyone! 5 stars!! More...


Our health and wellbeing are a direct result of how we eat. What we choose to consume each day impacts our energy levels, clarity, performance, sleep, mental health, longevity, and whether or not we suffer from joint pain or disease. Without health, we can become physically and mentally limited. When we live a healthy lifestyle, we are able to achieve our goals, do more for ourselves and the people we love, and get the most out of life! Obesity, which contributes to nearly 200 chronic and/or fatal diseases, is not a shame; rather, it is a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle. At LifeBoostFit, our mission is to help you create your own, personalized healthy lifestyle with sustainable, long-term results.

Our clients know that fitness is one pillar of our 3-pronged approach. We create healthy lifestyles with a 3-month program which includes Nutrition, Fitness, and Behavioral Modification (also called Habit LoopTransformation). There are several ways we help our clients achieve their fitness goals. First, we make them accountable by creating set times throughout the week to work out. Second, we train our clients via Zoom to correct their forms and avoid injury. Third, we mix up their workouts with innovative techniques such as boxing, CrossFit, and HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training). They’re never bored, we socialize throughout, and the training flies by! We work with clients at all fitness levels with and without equipment. All they need to do is find some space in their home and tell us what kind of music they like!

When we don’t understand how to do our taxes, we seek guidance from a CPA. When we don’t know how to fix our cars, we seek guidance from a mechanic. When we struggle with emotional eating or obesity, we seek guidance from Personal Trainers and Nutritionists! LifeBoostFit’s team of Nutrition and Sports Nutrition Specialists, Certified Personal Trainers, and Certified Habit Transformation Coaches guide and support you by helping you set goals and achieve them. There is no secret to having the body of your dreams! You already know what to do: eat right and exercise. It’s simple, but not easy. Our Health Coaches provide the much-needed guidance, support, and motivation it takes to not only shed weight, but to lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and feel amazing!

There is no better feeling in the world than helping people improve their lives. Watching as people lose weight, achieve their fitness goals, and succeed over the long term is beautiful, miraculous, and life-affirming. There is so much confusion and disinformation with regards to getting and staying healthy. Clearing the clutter and guiding my clients towards optimal health doesn’t feel like work to me—it feels like a dream!

I was a pre-Olympic athlete in communist Hungary as a youth. After an injury prevented me from pursuing my dream, I decided to help others fulfill their dreams. My passion for wellness is what drives me to devour the latest research on diet, fitness, disease prevention, and health from every corner of the world.
Educating, inspiring, and motivating people to live a healthy lifestyle is deeply fulfilling to me. One of my sons was obese as a child. With a non-judgmental approach, I was able to get him back on track and create in him a craving to be healthy. He is now a bonafide athlete who is stronger and faster than I am!

When your goal is optimal health, weight loss is an organic result. The fact is, fad diets don’t work, are often unhealthy, and with time 80% of us gain all the weight back, and THEN SOME! Without a Behavior Modification component, diets are bound to fail. At LifeBoostFit, we aren’t simply focused on losing weight. We’re focused on DISEASE PREVENTION. We help to create Healthy Lifestyles for our clients so they can succeed over the long term with results that are SUSTAINABLE. We want our clients to experience lower blood sugar readings, lower body inflammation, and lower blood pressure. We want our clients to experience increased lung capacity, bone density, strength, and mental clarity. Choose LifeBoostFit because we’re passionate about your health and wellbeing. We’re not just trainers, nutritionists, or habit coaches—we’re all three! And our results are guaranteed.

Our workouts, nutrition consultations, and Habit Loop Transformation sessions are conducted via Zoom or FaceTime and What's Up in all U.S. time zones.

Because ours is primarily an online service, we’ve made no physical changes to our business. We have, however, made improving our clients’ immune systems a priority.


What should I eat to lose weight? What should I eat to be healthy? Which diet should I choose? There is so much confusion about nutrition that most of us don’t know where to start. At LifeBoostFit, we invite you to pick our brains! Our Certified Nutrition Specialists are experts in the field, and are up to date on the latest research and scientific studies on diet. In fact, we don’t believe in dieting at all! 80% of people on ‘fad diets’ gain all their weight back and then some (Google it!). Instead, we believe in creating HEALTHY LIFESTYLES and PREVENTING DISEASE. When your goal is to be healthy, weight loss occurs naturally and organically—with the added benefit of lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, less pressure on joints, and increased strength and energy! We begin with a Food Preferences Evaluation. Based on your preferences, we provide CUSTOMIZED MENUS and SHOPPING LISTS, private educational meetings about the right nutrition for your unique needs, cooking lessons (if needed), Kitchen Purges, and continual guidance and support for the length of your program. We create ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you on track. Our results are staggering, with clients achieving their weight loss and health goals, and keeping the weight off in a way that is sustainable and fits with their lifestyle!

Athletes have different nutritional needs than the rest of us! Tibor Deme, the owner of LifeBoostFit, was a professional athlete who has diligently maintained his physique and simultaneously reached his health goals of low cholesterol, low blood sugar, and low blood pressure. Protein and carbs are paramount to athletes in order to maximize energy--but it is which protein and carbs the athlete consumes that makes all the difference in terms of overall health. Take your performance to the next level with LifeBoostFit. Our Certified Sports Nutrition Specialists are experts in the field, and are up to date on the latest research and scientific studies. We begin with a Food Preferences Evaluation. Based on your preferences, we provide CUSTOMIZED MENUS and SHOPPING LISTS, private educational meetings about the right nutrition for athletic needs, cooking lessons (if needed), and continual guidance and support for the length of your program. We create ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you on track. Our results with competitive athletes have been amazing, with clients achieving both higher levels of energy and performance, and doing so in a way which is healthy and sustainable.

CROSSFIT FOR ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS: This session combines cardio and strength training, with or without weights. We train in intervals so that sets of exercises are performed with recovery time in between. Great for getting back into fitness, recovering from an injury, or just starting out! CrossFit is also a highly effective method of training for those already in good physical shape. 50-minute workout followed by a 10-minute stretch.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING FOR ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS: Strength Training can actually burn more fat calories than a cardio workout! Handheld weights are required (2 lbs, 5 lbs, and 10 lbs). After a cardio warm-up, emphasis will be on building strength and muscle. We’ll target the major muscle groups in the arms, legs, buttocks, and abs. Your trainer will demonstrate correct form to avoid injury. 50-minute workout followed by a 10-minute stretch.

BOXING equals self-confidence, discipline, and fat loss! A boxing-based workout sets calories on fire, burning through fat even while resting during intervals. This class features boxing moves such as jab, uppercut, power punch, hook, and duck. Your trainer will demonstrate the correct form. Boxing improves balance and coordination, self-esteem, and confidence, and has the added psychological benefit of building our personal power. 50-minute workout followed by a 10-minute stretch.

The owner of LifeBoostFit, Tibor Deme, was part of the Gold Medallion Team of swimmers in Israel and was a National Champion. Swimming is one of his passions! We offer swimming lessons for toddlers on up, and also provide Stroke Improvement for competitive swimmers or those who want to take their performance to the next level. All four forms of swimming are taught, with a focus on correct form, leg work, stroke improvement, flip-turns, and jump-starts.

Diet and exercise alone aren't likely to provide you with sustainable, long term results. The missing link is changing your habits and behavior. We are Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association as Habit Transformation Specialists, and will help you create a Healthy Lifestyle! We offer an adjunct Behavioral Modification program to our Nutrition and Fitness courses. With this program, we identify eating habits which are not beneficial for your health, and the emotional triggers which prompt this behavior. With proven techniques, consistency, and the accountability which LifeBoostFit offers, you will slowly but surely change your habits for good! The goal is to create a healthy mindset which sets you up for success for the rest of your long, healthy life.