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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021



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My name is, Sharon Harris, feel free to call me "Dee."

I have been a Life Coach and Certified Court-Appointed Mediator for over 15 years and is currently on the roster at the Dallas County Courthouse in the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Department.

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19 October 2019

coach has great sense of humor. I sometimes take things too seriously or over analyze things, so having that really helped me make changes easier and see issues from a lighter perspective. The best thing is that she got me to challenge my belief system and held me accountable for some of the personal issues I had been going through with my wife. My wife can see a new change in me. So I know it must work for you too! More...

19 October 2019

great coach. might try her weight loss program

2 October 2019

Great coach, helped me deal with personal issues that was getting in the way, I might try Coach D's weight loss program next, really looks like a good deal

2 October 2019

As a man it's not as common to have a shoulder to lean on after personal incidents happen in your life. After a while they can really swallow you up. Don't want to get into too much detail, but Sharon was there be that shoulder to lean on and fire me up to be better carrying forward. Thank you! More...

2 October 2019

Sharon was very patient with me and is excellent at discerning the next steps I need to take in life. Some things are very personal where I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with anyone else, but she was very reassuring and it would make my day every Friday coming home from work. I have two kids and a husband who travels alot, so it was really nice to have that shoulder to lean on and stride forward! More...

1 October 2019

Got some financial advice in how to fund my new business. Just brainstorming..But nice to have someone to talk it through. Could have done it with a friend...Nahhh! More...

1 October 2019

Nice site! I am going through some trials as a caregiver. I have a relative on hospice and was literally pulling my hair out. Dee was a hospice nurse and knew EXACTLY what to do! OMG! It was s something the doctors & nurses didn't have time for. They were so clinical and made me feel as if I was just being anxious Thank you Dee! Your life experiences are worth it, lady. More...

28 September 2019

She tried to speak my language. And I appreciate that. 5 Stars! As a coach 5 Stars!

28 September 2019

Okay, First of all, I love Dee's new site! I went to another Coach and well, they were more into religion than coaching. You have to be careful out there ! If I wanted a Christian Bible teacher I would have asked for one. Nothing against Christians...but I felt like I was being converted. Dee got straight to the point. and I managed my anxiety with my goals. I must admit. I thought I was beyond some methods she used...but they worked. When another issue comes up...She's my coach! More...

27 September 2019

Sharon is an amazing resource that positively impacts and inspires her clients to reach their highest potential.

25 September 2019

"I had a difficult time after coming to the US. I was away from my home and family. Ms. Dee helped. I needed to stay focus on my project even though I missed my family. I was too afraid to use the counselor at work. I didn't want it to look as if there was something wrong with me." More...


What I find with most clients is that they have one or two issues that deal with a false self-image and procrastination. These two MAJOR forces need to be dealt with before starting any kind of program and conditioning. It matters not if you are a complete novice in fitness training or a professional.

The "secret" is loving the body that you have and making it the best it can be. You can not look at the models that are 6' feet tall and say that you want a body EXACTLY like theirs when you are 5'. Various body type DO exist in this world and whatever kind that you have, you must sculpt it to be the best that it can be!

I LOVE that I can use ALL my talents and abilities to assist my clients. That I am not limited. And I can fully concentrate on the objective of their needs. It is like a puzzle. Some take more time to complete. Some don't But when it is done you have a beautiful picture to display! There is also the analytical side of coaching that the clients don't see. After a session...I am internalizing our interactions and planning a roadmap that will get you to your destination if not faster...but healthier. And btw... It is NOT a job. It is a career of CHOICE. I am doing what I love. And yes, I get compensated for it. And I am not ashamed of that aspect. So, do physicians. But, it is wonderful to do something that you truly enjoy!

When I was working as a nurse, many people would come crushed and despondent over the medical bills that they could not pay. I began negotiating on their behalf and then became a Certified Mediator. My counseling received some notoriety with the City of Dallas and they requested that I be put on their roster of Court Appointed Mediators. Being a Life Coach was a natural progression from there. I have always enjoyed assisting people to be the best that they can be. and to make the most of their situation. Now, I want to help them to excel!

I was told that I had a discerning eye and heart. I prefer to hone in on what is the root of the cause of the blockage...than to spend time going in circles. I am not a circular Practioner. And in truth, I am a bit competitive. I would prefer to take on a challenge, progress through it, and move on to the next goal. Remaining stagnant at a level when a client is ready to progress is not only unnecessary...but it is also unethical. I am pleased to say that I also offer 0% Financing of Packages and sessions for my clients.


Asap-When emergencies come up,...and they do!  I will do what I can to drop everything and speak with you.  It may be by phone, skype, of chat. But when I know it is a priority...I will contact you asap.

This is a no-cost 15-minute session that focuses only on YOU.  How often do you get a chance to speak about the number one person in your life WITH a person that is non-biased and have 100% interest invested in your goals?

Are you struggling to become motivated to start your business?  Do you have obstacles that you never considered and want to overcome in order to be a successful entrepreneur? Life coach Mediations™ is available to help you get back on track.

Life Coach Mediations™ has realistic goal-setting that will help you to meet and surpass the goals you will set in your life. We have a "General Practice" packages as well as a branded Weight Loss Program.  Our program is designed to get you moving from point A-Z quickly and efficiently.  

Life Coaching and Mediations can be more affordable!  Life Coach Mediations™ offers Pro Bono AND a package for those that need financial assistance.  100% Financing with 0% interest is also available for our sessions!

Want to know why you behave as you do?  Why your responses are the way they are? Do you know your basic personality type? Knowing your personality and working within its parameters can give you additional tools in learning how to obtain your goals.  Life Coach Mediations offers 2 Types of including the well-known Jungian.

For clients going through troubling times and you need someone to facilitate your struggles.  That would be me.  I handle Family as well as Civil Matters. (ADR-Alternative Dispute Resolution) offers so very much more and is definitely cheaper than a divorce or dismantling a corporation.

(Court Ordered)-  Want to make sure your Divorce, Property., Finances and other matters are handled before the last minute?  Many people have no idea what occurs in a Mediation or a Courtroom.  Don't leave it to chance!  keep your court costs down and your Attorney fees at bay BEFORE your Court-Ordered Mediation appearance!

I started a weight loss program for people that have Lymphedema because it is quite a debilitating condition. It feels as if it is impossible to lose weight that reappears despite your activity. I also was diagnosed with it shortly after a car accident, as a passenger, that left me with using a cane and a weight that ballooned to 349 pounds, A size 28/30 if you may. I lost over 120 pounds in less than 4 months. Currently, the YMCA has asked me to do a Motivational Moment on the 23, October 2019 @0730 to speak about my workout method. I am now documenting my last 100 pounds loss on Facebook and Youtube. I have overcome many obstacles including the use of my cane and would love to assist you with yours!

Having issues with coping with your stress level? Anxiety through the roof?

Maybe, you need another approach to dealing with your issues?

I've been there. Many times it can feel as if you are swimming through the thickest of muck and you want so much to just get through it.

Coaching is NOT a replacement for medical/therapeutic needs.

But what IT DOES OFFER is some one-on-one time without the medical diagnoses and empowering you to be able to get through your daily life, a little bit easier.

Without the shame of stigmas.

And without additional medicines.

When it feels as if your life is in shambles,

My Stress and Anxiety Management services will help you put your life back together again.

One-piece at a time.

Has your passion gone? And you are wondering why your partner left?

Let's talk.

Have issues with self- Image, kinks, or you want to learn how celibacy is the "New Sexy"?

I'm not squeamish, are you?

Looking for love?..and it seems it walks away faster than you can run?

Don't expect a 30-minute session can fix you. Chances are like most of us we were not given a roadmap in setting or respecting boundaries. And we definitely weren't taught that love can and SHOULD be considered a goal like many things in life.