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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Lal Legal APLC is a law firm with offices in Northern California and Southwest Michigan. We specialize in federal immigration law for clients across the United States and abroad. Clients come to Lal Legal APLC from many parts of the world, seeking assistance and representation on a myriad of complex immigration issues.

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18 customer reviews

26 May 2021

The best attorney, she helped me to get many family to USA ... She is the best immigration attorney.

4 January 2020

I am writing this review on behalf of my mother & stepfather, who Prerna represented last year:We are very grateful to Prerna for winning our case and very satisfied with her work and service. She was very clear in her communication, promptly sent us a copy of our application for our records, and when she called us I did not get nervous or expect bad news. It felt like I was getting a call from a friend. She was very professional and kind and much better than other lawyers I have interacted with who talk down to clients who don't know the law like them. She was nothing but kind.We can't believe we won our case so easily and so quickly with her help. She went above and beyond for us, coming all the way to Fresno from the Bay Area to be there with us through our USCIS interview. We did not expect that at first. She is the best attorney we could have had and we will be forever grateful to her for changing our lives and keeping our family together. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a strong immigration lawyer. More...

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23 December 2019

Prerna has helped me since my UC Berkeley days with DACA renewals and just this past year she helped me with my permanent residency. She went above and beyond for my partner and I (we had a bit of a tricky case) and we were approved! Thank you Prerna for all you do! More...

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13 December 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Prerna on number of cases including H1 work visa. I can say that she will go out of the way to file your case and stand by you to get what you want be it green card, citizenship or asylum. She is the lawyer you can really bank on. More...

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18 November 2018

I applied for I-485 and Prerna was very easy to communicate and work with.She always had time for my questions and had lots of knowledge. I enjoyed working with her I felt confident through my process all because Prerna making this easy for us.I definitely recommend working with Prerna. More...

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23 August 2018

Best service from a person who truly understands what it means to navigate the immigration system, would easily recommend.

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14 August 2018

This is an overdue review. Prerna has been renewing my DACA for the past 5 years. Each and every time they have been extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and trustworthy. They were very patient, reassuring with a good sense of humor. Prerna took well care of me and would recommend to anybody in the bay area! More...

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10 August 2018

Prerna is so awesome! She booked me same day to help me with DACA renewal and it was a quick 30 minute renewal and she sent it through the mail for me and created a cover letter on my behalf. She also sent me a tracking number for USPS. My only beef was with her assistant who was pretty rude when she was replying to my quote requests through Yelp. Other than that I'm very happy with my appointment.Other than that I'll be back and will continue to update my reviews here. More...

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28 June 2018

Go to Prerna! She's so amazing. She helped me renew my DACA and then provided legal assistance to obtain my green card.  She was always so attentive and helpful despite handling so many cases.  She would often remind me to get all of my paperwork in as I was being irresponsible with getting in all the paperwork in needed to submit my case to USCIS.  I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to go through this scary and confusing process as she is down to earth and above all,  has a great sense of humor. I will be petitioning to remove my condition on residence and of course, I will be trusting Prerna to guide me through this process once again. More...

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9 June 2018

Prerna is a lifesaver! She waited for me, even if that meant it was after hours, because I was running late. She patiently listened to my myriad of issues, including investment options, ideal tax rates based on when I want to retire, and how to allocate my investment contributions. I had no idea what I was doing, but Prerna was able to decipher me and gave me some very, very good suggestions. Cherry on top of this whole thing is that we had the whole conversation at a restaurant watching the Warriors game, because her office is closed, because I came after hours, remember? Prerna is that awesome! More...

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2 June 2018

Excellent service. Responded to my query in a professional way and very quickly. Would give Lal Legal 5 stars.

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23 May 2018

Prerna is absolutely amazing! She is fiercely dedicated to her clients. She worked relentlessly on my case. My case, in particular, had a very tight timeline. Nevertheless, she was able to do all that was required in a timely manner. More...

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16 May 2018

Lawyers are plenty, but Prerna is more than just a lawyer. Prerna is a comrade, a friend, an advocate, and so much more. Prerna pays close attention to what you want and what is realistic, and works with the law to address your situation. I was incredibly impressed by their knowledge of immigration law. It went beyond the letters of immigration law and extended into a broad understanding of the US' immigration systems, actors, and other involved parties. At the end of the day, I could not have asked for a better person to have my back. Thanks for everything that you do! More...

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15 May 2018

I became a client of Prerna when she was still working at East Bay Community Law Clinic. I got screwed over by my past employer and was a victim of H1B visa fraud. As the result, I spiraled from a non-immigrant visa to undocumented in a blink of an eye. I went to so many clinics and asked so many lawyers, but no one seemed to be able to help. Luckily, I happened to meet Prerna for consultation by chance. She was very patience and emphatic to my situation. She went above and beyond and agree to help me to get justice. She laid out my options that I might qualify for and explained in detail the pros and cons. Not only did she always make time for me when I needed, she was also willing to answer any question I had. My visa was approved and I got back into legal status thanks to her. I am now on a pathway to citizenship! Her knowledge of immigration law is significantly superb compared to others. And she cares deeply for her clients who are the minority and may not always have the resources. She helps us navigate a complicated system and helped us achieve a better future in the legal way. I would recommend anyone to seek her legal service. She reached out and solved my problems when no one else could. I am forever graceful and in her debt. More...

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14 May 2018

Prerna came highly recommended from contacts in Washington, DC who  knew who are the best in immigration law. They cut to the chase for what would be the most beneficial way forward for the case. This is after going through other immigration lawyers who left me more confused after I consulted with them and I was looking at several thousand dollars in costs. Not with Prerna. They not only looked for the best solution, but the most time and cost efficient one. I highly recommend them. More...

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12 May 2018

I was in deportation proceedings pending an asylum claim. Though I sought help from a number of immigration attorneys in NC and CA, none could truly empathize with my situation; but Prerna did. She understood the precariousness of my situation, and she understood how my legal situation had impacted me in the past and how it could impact my future. She always made me feel that I was in good hands; and with her help, my asylum claim was approved in April 2016. Even though I moved across the country, I still reach out to her from time-to-time with questions or concerns, and she has always been more than helpful and extremely responsive. I highly recommend her to anyone. More...

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2 April 2018

She is the best, in short. She filed my Marriage based Green Card successfully in 2015. Being very through, detail oriented and efficient are her modus operandi. MOST IMPORTANTLY, she works for your budget.My wife and I recommend her 100%. More...

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31 March 2018

Ok y'all I seriously cannot recommend Prerna enough. Prerna is not only highly skilled in what they do but also extremely dedicated and accommodating. I went through a really tough case last year and they were there every step of the way to provide me with the most supportive, comforting and confident guidance. Thank you Prerna for literally changing my life in the best way possible! More...

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I love to be able to help people live in the country they want to, to reunite families and help people achieve their goals and dreams.

I wanted to have the freedom and independence to do the work I wanted and having no one else besides my clients be my boss.

I've a reputation in the community as someone who will take care of people who come through the door and I do everything I can to make sure your path is as smooth as possible.