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Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma


We offer each of our clients a customized, unique experience while in our care.

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I love being able to offer each pet a unique experience while with us. Most of our clients have never experienced our customized care programs.

I started out business because I was not satisfied with the care that was being offered by boarding facilities and training programs.

Our programs are designed specifically for each pet we care for. We put your pet first. Contact us, and let us explain why what we offer is different.

We can provide our puppy training and obedience training online.


We offer 30 minute or 1 hour walks. We work with you to customize unique enrichment activities for each individual pet.

We offer 5 different Dog Training programs. Ranging from puppy training all the way to Military Support Training.

This service is for pets that are ready to cross over. It's a program very dear to my heart. We have all had pets pass and afterwards said "why didn't we _____." That's where we come in. We give you a place to spend quality time together before the end. We help you make decisions regarding what you may want to do with your pet before and after. We hold your hand before, during and after. Our job is to handle everything , so that you can enjoy the last few days together.