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Kristina Ferrari Psychotherapy

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania


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9 December 2019

I am a colleague of Kris's and engage with her regularly in peer-supervision (essentially, where therapists work together to grow clinically by picking each other's brains). If you are looking for couples therapy, to process and heal from trauma, or both, work with Kris.Every time we work together, Kris blows me away with her insight and expertise. I am even further blown away at how she packages and presents her knowledge and skills in ways that are relatable and digestible. When Kris knows something better than I do (which is often), she shares her insight in a way that flows and builds connection. I am never made to feel inferior. Kris's clients feel this way too.Kris operates with a unique understanding of protection and compassion. Meaning, Kris has unique insight on what you need to be psychologically protected. And you will also feel comforted and soothed by her presence. This combination is ideal in therapy. It's like the soil and water required for growth. And to find both of these within one therapist is so rare. One of Kris's gifts is her vision for a person's healing. Kris is able to see your healing trajectory and help you see it too. She also has an innate understanding of the speed at which you should move. You'll never feel like you're moving too fast or too slow; rather, Kris will guide you to move at just the right speed for sustained healing and growth. You'll feel connected with Kris. She is hilarious. Has a vast array of experiences with different types of people. She's so smart - but, again, in a way that invites you in to deep exploration of you and your story. And Kris facilitates healing in a way that is action-oriented yet comfortable. If I were looking for a therapist who understands trauma and relationships, I'd go to Kris. More...

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