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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Developing and designing websites, providing custom programming, producing mobile apps and creating successful online marketing campaigns since 1996.

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22 August 2019

Their costs are lower than other companies in their field, but they deliver at the same level as their competitors.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

22 August 2019

I consider them part of my website team and know I can count on them for fast, high-quality work.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

22 August 2019

They understood exactly what we wanted to build and they made it even better than how we imagined it.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

22 August 2019

They were incredibly helpful and patient throughout the process. Thank you for the great service.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

21 July 2019

Very reasonable pricing and more than a great team to work with. The web services they are providing are at the top level. Just keep it this way!

20 July 2019

They are using a built on industry-leading software, that rank better in search engines, get more traffic and convert more visitors into clients for you.

20 July 2019

If you need an outstanding web site, this company is surely the best one for you. I highly recommend them and their services.

4 July 2019

Web Design

Knoxweb can’t possibly just randomly be deciding who gets a working site and who gets jerked around. But, as can be seen by these mixed reviews, clearly some of us draw the short straw. And considering the poor service started a week into the project, when they then did nothing for three months, it can’t be blamed on the client. Almost a year and I don’t have a working site. They dealt with my constant concerns over lack of progress by switching project managers. The owner (?) won’t take calls - Kevin Shick couldn’t care less how bad his employees handle things. He’s all about not admitting to any wrongdoing so he’s covered, rather than fixing the problems and delivering on promises or admitting they can’t be fulfilled and working out a compromise. Emails, questions, concerns - all ignored. Ridiculous excuses time after time, being told they are busy or were getting ready for a party (seriously, this was one of the excuses!) and I’m not their only customer! Their “team” are hacks in India who can’t handle anything more than what you can build yourself with very little experience on Word Press. I know because I had to give myself a crash course in Wordpress and do most of what got done myself! I’m a realtor! And almost 60! I’m not a web builder - though apparently I can claim to be one and con people out of their money and get away with it over and over again. So don’t be fooled by their attention in the beginning, their seeming desire to work with you at a price you can afford, and their speedy mock-up of a design (just a regurgitated Wordpress template). If you get the short straw, you will waste your time and money. More...

3 June 2019

Web Design

Prompt response. Professional team. I am awaiting a quote and demo.

13 May 2019

My website is beautiful and shows a great respresentation of my business, thanks to Knoxweb. I am very pleased with how this turned out.

12 May 2019

For a great experience and result, I would recommend Knoxweb. They made my website project journey both enjoyable and productive. Great work Knoxweb!

11 May 2019

I found Knoxweb here on Bark and am very pleased with the results. The were very professional and understanding of my website needs.

5 May 2019

Knockweb has really helped my business with their professional design for my website. I really enjoy working with their friendly and helpful staff. Ever since working with Knockweb I have been getting more business. Thank you so much! More...

27 April 2019

Hello Knoxweb! Thank you so much for creating my website. It looks amazing! 10/10 would recommend to my friends

20 April 2019

Knoxweb is highly skilled at sensing your needs. When I approached them for my website, I had no idea how it should look like. But the guys here are really well informed about the market. They quickly realize our requirements and created an awe-inspiring website. More...

19 April 2019

I run a voluntary organization I wanted to develop a website through which I could keep in touch with my community. I wanted the website to have some very special features. Knoxweb has exceeded my expectation. I am really grateful to them for the nice work they have done for me. More...

18 April 2019

I have a new website all thanks to Knoxweb. They are great designers with immense creativity. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants top class work as far as website design is concerned. They are also very punctual, they delivered my work on time. More...

17 April 2019

After working with Knoxweb, my business has really taken off due to the excellent web design they have provided me. In addition, I am also ranked on the first page of Google and it has really helped me expand my customer base

12 April 2019

My team and I are extremely disappointed in the level of service received from KnoxWeb, specifically Kevin Shick and Larry Allen. We were sold on a vision for a mobile app (iOS and Android) over 1.5 years ago that is still "in progress" by their team.
They have refused to align with us on a timeline for completion of even the Android v1 app (we haven't even seen a working prototype of the iOS yet), and repeatedly convey that they are "testing and working on fixes", yet cannot articulate what these fixes are and have explicitly said that they no longer have any testers on their team with no plans to backfill. Thus, we have been stuck with testing the app ourselves and relaying feedback to them which appears to fall on deaf ears. Our emails are ignored consistently and when we do receive a response, it does not answer any of the questions we posed nor provide any details on when to expect progress.
Each week they send a build that is minutely different from the prior week's, IF they send one at all. On the calls, the TPM/developer, Kevin, does not explain what has been updated and never follows up on questions we ask him. Over two months ago, we had a call with Kevin and Larry to outline numerous major deliverables that needed to be accomplished for us to begin beta testing with a pilot market, and they have yet to implement any.
These details are the tip of the iceberg that is their unprofessionalism. I strongly advise advise against Knox Web to anyone who is seeking a website or app development partner that will uphold promises and create a product that users will enjoy.

*If issues resolve and the service from KnoxWeb is rectified, we will consider revising this review*

9 April 2019

They did incredible, honest, and creative work for my website when I was living in Tennessee. Even though I've moved out of Tennessee, I've still had use for their web design services. Since I've needed additional websites for expanding my business to LA, Knoxville Internet was my first choice for the task at hand. I had a great experience with them in the past, so I figured they would be a good fit for completing another website. I was absolutely right! I explained that the website would need to primarily be built for attracting customers in the local LA market and they had no problem building the website to meet these specifications. I was given updates along the way and ultimately ended up with a beautifully designed, fully functional, user friendly website. They did the same amazing job just like the first time. I strongly recommend them for your web design needs, as their capabilities are innovative and their customer service is exceptional. I'll be keeping them in mind for all web related projects, maintenance, and small changes that need to be made. Best Wishes,Beth More...

Reviewed on Yelp

27 November 2018

We have been using Knoxweb for over six months and have had an overall excellent experience.  There have been some lag times in responses to emails or calls, but everyone I have spoken to has been courteous and helpful.  Over the course of a couple of months, we have an amazing product that is professional, clean, and responsive that I am very proud of.  I would recommend Kevin and his team to anyone--thanks for making our website exactly what we wanted. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

5 January 2018

We have been very pleased with the excellent service, professionalism exhibited and expertise in the business received through our relationship with Knoxville Internet (Knoxweb); and, highly recommend considering them as a partner vendor. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

5 January 2018

Our business has had nothing but outstanding experiences with Knoxville Internet and their entire staff. As a business owner I understand how important it is to get things done timely and done correctly the first time and we have had this experience each and every time. The knowledge and understanding of how the web moves and operates as well as how it constantly changes and effects your business is what you need to stay competitive in today's business environment and Knoxville Internet get's it better than anyone in the area. If you are looking for the experts look no further. I personally could not give a higher recommendation than the one I give for Knoxville Internet. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

22 April 2017

My main business partner asked me to get in touch with web design companies and get pricing to get a new website for our office. I used Google to contact different web design companies but there was always at least one reason that forced us to continue our search. Knoxville Internet sent us a fast response, and along with their timeline and price quote they also showed us several examples of websites they had created for other companies. The results far exceeded our expectations. The team were very skilled, efficient and creative. I will definitely use Knoxville Internet for website maintenance, updates or if I need a new website for a new venture. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

17 April 2017

I had a very professionally developed website created by Knoxweb. My sales have increased and so have the compliments on my site!

Reviewed on Yellow Pages

6 March 2017

KNOXVILLE INTERNET is always expanding web design and technology. I recently updated my website, one of the designers did all the heavy lifting, but collaborated with me to create a website that enhances my business. I love that I can make changes to the website on my own, but if I need larger changes, designers are one click away to help. The website is visually engaging and professional. It rivals websites that cost thousands of dollars, but it was very affordable. I highly recommend KNOXVILLE INTERNET More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

5 March 2017

Awesome service. They are experts in Web services. I have never got a service this quality before. Looking forward to work with them again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

19 November 2016

Knoxville did my site and I love it, but more than that, I am learning search engine optimization; how to get found by my target client base. And I can make changes to my web site myself! The site went up last week and I got my first client! Highly recommend Knoxville! More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

19 November 2016

Three Cheers for Knoxville! They did an outstanding job building my website. This company was comfortable working with a wide range of media including audio, video and graphic (I am a musician; being able to display a wide range of media is a very important aspect of my website). Their staff are very knowledgeable about all aspects of web design and they keeps up with the latest trends and statistics about web building. Their recommendations were on target for my business. They have an excellent professional demeanor and were patient; they always took the time to explain things thoroughly. They went the extra mile and delivered a website that I am 100% happy with. I highly recommend Knoxville to anyone who want a professional business website. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

15 November 2016

it has been a real pleasure to avail services of Knoxweb, i am truly impressed and satisfied with their quality of work delivered in a very efficient manner. The difference is like night and day. i am very happy to see the end product which will really help my business grow. I highly recommend knoxweb to everyone looking to get the work done hassle free More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau


Clearly stating the purpose of the business to their website visitors. Having a call to action that is easily seen. A theme that matches their company logo and colors to create a brand.

What are your most important products and services?
What are you business challenges and pains?
Who are 3 of your competitors?
Do you have an existing site, social media or previous website?
What are you overall goals of your business?

Creating new designs, and keeping up with new market trends in this industry.

Being able to make changes quickly and adapt to my clients needs instantly.

I have proven experience with design, development and marketing. I have over 20 years in this business, and all 20+ years as the business owner. I understand and have experienced the many aspects of business ownership along with the trials and rewards of being in business. Over 1000 websites developed.


Custom web development with database programming

Custom APP development for both Android and iOS
Google and Apple Developer registered to publish APPS directly into Google Play and ITunes

Custom database and software development. PHP, MySql, .Net, and SQL

Development of eCommerce projects. Client portals for secure access. Payment integration for online payment processing.