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Shop our huge selection of commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant, featuring the best prices on new restaurant equipment in Brooklyn, NYC & our online store.

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18 March 2021

A new business owner, equipment dealers have a bad reputation, you don't know who to trust, it's scary. Kitchenall stocked my entire kitchen, affordable pricing, extremely friendly sales people & delivery drivers, I have nothing but positive things to say. I was treated like family from day 1, am so thankful for this company More...

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Showcase ice cream, instant breakfast foods, frozen dinner entrees, bags of ice, and seafoods with the right merchandiser freezer. Because they preserve and display frozen items, these units are ideal for delis, grocery stores, seafood distributors, and convenience stores. Display freezers provide an excellent way to let customers browse what they are looking for before they even open the door.

Refrigerated Bakery cases - display your cupcakes, pastries, and baked goods in beautiful, modern displays with LED lighting from Marchia, Leader, and Coldline. Available in curved glass or straight glass designs, with 2 or 3 shelves. Kitchenall stocks the worlds widest selection of bakery display sizes, designs, and price points.

Commercial under counter dishwashers are ideal for bars, cafes, diners, and other foodservice operations. These rack dishwashers help bartenders and baristas clean and restock dishes quickly and without a hassle. Because they are small and compact, they fit under the counter and are especially great for establishments that don’t have a lot of floor space.

Many undercounter models have wash cycle (racks per hour) options allowing you to select a frequency that handles the amount of dish washing your establishment needs. High temp dishwashers clean without harsh chemicals that low temperature dishwashers require.

Kitchenall is a Brooklyn New York distributor of commercial restaurant equipment and supplies for restaurants, bakeries, delis, and supermarkets. Buy commercial refrigeration, commercial cooking equipment, refrigerated bakery and deli display cases and more at the best prices online. We take our responsibilities to you, our customers, very seriously and want to make every effort to ensure that you have a positive experience because we know that we are only successful when you come back!

Cook faster, more evenly, and at a lower energy cost with a commercial convection oven. Because these units have fans that distribute air evenly throughout the baking chamber, food cooks in less time at a lower temperature level. Gas powered and commercial electric ovens are ideal for restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, and other foodservice establishments. A convection oven creates a dry atmosphere that caramelizes sugars faster when roasting. This helps make food items like meat and vegetables browner, while at the same maintaining interior moisture. Convection cooking ovens are a necessity for commercial kitchens that are looking to prepare large quantities of food quickly without sacrificing the quality.