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Kenneth Bodie Jr


My business is different from other competitors because of what the brand represents. Our slogan is GALA which means G.ot A. L.ot A.ccomplished. We abide by this statement to make sure every client accomplishes something in every session. We are basketball trainers who strive to develop basketball athletes on and off the court.

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I love interacting with others and being surrounded by my biggest passion. Helping others surpass their potential and overcome obstacles brings me satisfaction. My job has allowed me to be apart of the development of any athlete and I enjoy this position.

I have worked multiple jobs and none of them correlated with my passions and I wanted that to change. I started to learn more about my craft and continued my basketball career through the developing athletes around the world.

Your clients should choose us because we will make sure their goals are reached in a fun and effective way. We take our time to analyze, critique, and improve the skills of the athlete as effectively as possible. We engage on multiple ways of learning to improve the way they learn best.

We don’t train online as of yet but we do show our clients improvement from when they started with us to the end. This allows our clients to see their improvement and for new potential clients to see how they can improve in our sessions as well.

The biggest change our team made was cutting back from group sessions. We reduced the sizes of our groups as well as picked back up on doing more 1 on 1 sessions. My partner and I also wear our masks and keep our distances from each client.