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I mainly specialize in logo design with a minimalistic, illustrative flair. I love fonts and typography as well. I'm also well-versed in print design and have some web design experience!

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Good usability while not compromising looks! Gets the point across and looks good while doing it.

What are you trying to achieve with this project? What's the mission of your brand/business? What are your expectations of me as a designer? What do you not like about your current branding, and what do you like - or, on the other hand, what/who are some of your inspirations for what you would like out of your branding? Who's the target audience? What style are you looking for, and where will the design be used? What's the time constraints for this project?

Typically I start with creating a mood board of some kind to start to figure out the look the client and I would like to achieve with this branding. I do research within the industry that the client is in and see what is common in the field, and I combine all of that research and information to come up with a few concepts. I like to show the mood board and research to my client along with the beginning concepts so they understand how I will take the research and apply it to their specific design. At this point I like to narrow down the concept ideas and create a couple digitized rough logos. I let the client review them and decide what they like and dislike, and then continue from there. Eventually after a few edits we would both end up with something we were happy with!

General idea of their company/brand, references of their previous branding if they have any, the style they might be looking for in their product (do they want something modern? Classic? Do they want retro fonts, or cursive fonts? What colors are they thinking about?), and any other info they believe might be important to my understanding of their company, brand, or what they're looking for.

I really like being able to experiment with a variety of different design styles, and the satisfaction I get from a successful project that the client and I are both happy with it is a great feeling!

Honestly it just started as a on-the-side, for personal friends and family that needed something designed deal. But when I ended up being laid off from my full-time job because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I started to put more thought into it, and opened up my range to more projects and clients.

I take my design process very seriously and do everything I can within my bounds to make sure we end up with a product we're both happy with. I want to make sure my clients get a design they're proud of.

I can provide my services fully online & remotely. I'm living in an area with pretty good internet so I can do emails, video calls, and general online work with ease. I have some previous experience freelancing remotely, so I understand what's expected. I'm working part time at the moment to cover some of my income loss, but I have a fair amount of free time outside of that to work on projects and communicate with clients.

I'm only offering fully remote services, to eliminate any risk of spread between me and clients. It's really important to stay safe and healthy in these crazy times!


Logos, business cards, brochures, and other printed materials

Illustrative symbols and handwritten fonts