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Hi there! I'm Katie Titi, experienced interior designer with a wellness and personal development-oriented flair. Thanks for taking the time to peruse my profile and experience.

For the past 13 years years I have worked in Facility Management, Interior Design, and Space Planning roles with Pfizer, Sharp HealthCare, LMI, Raytheon, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and other residential and commercial design consulting roles.

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The first step in the interior design process is to connect with the client and get their vision for the space. I want to hear about the intention, concept, who the design impacts, deliverables, schedule, budget, and the overall environment the client seeks to create for the occupants.

I cater to many different styles, including (but not limited to): modern, eclectic, rustic, bohemian, casual, minimalist, arts and crafts, art deco, nature inspired, historical...

What I love most about design is the way it connects people to their environments and spaces, and how environments and spaces have the power to impact people in such powerful and positive ways. I'm big on environmental psychology and personal development as it relates to space. In fact, I also have a coaching business where I teach people how to design their spaces to call in desires :-). Design has the power to be a potent magnetic process for those who know how.

I'm all about freedom - financial, energy, and time. Working for myself (while doing what I love) allows me to have all of that.

There are so many reasons I could share (I don't mind tooting my own horn!). Most importantly, I've learned over the years that the following are what makes my work successful, and my clients happy:

1 - Zero ego. The design isn't about me and what I like (although I'm steering the process and using what I know to benefit it). I don't get attached to ideas or concepts, or take design preferences personally.

2 - Always listening and observing. The most important thing I can do for my client is really *hear* them, so I can synthesize their words into a visual format that is truly a reflection of their vision. At the end of the day, I want my clients to always feel like I "get" them.

3 - I care a lot, and I think about how you experience your space on a deep level (probably a lot deeper than you thought possible!). As a highly sensitive and detailed person, I notice things most won't. I'm also super kind and honest - I always operate from that capacity and expect my clients do as well.

All of my work is completed online unless the client has a specific need for me to visit a site in-person and agrees to pay for the travel and travel time associated with the work.

I don't typically have to worry about this since the work is 99% online. If meeting in person, I would recommend socially distancing while wearing masks and limiting the number of people present in a meeting, and/or having certain folks phone-in to an in-person meeting as needed. I'm also careful outside of my work to mask-up while in crowded or indoor spaces, to minimize any risks. As I mentioned, I'm sensitive and detail-oriented so I think a lot about how people use spaces (especially with COVID) and take precautions. You can also note that I've prepared plans and recommendations for office use during COVID for one of my jobs (so I've thought about and researched this on a granular level, literally).