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Brooklyn, NY

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My name is Facundo Kairuz. I've been cooking for the last 12 years, I started my career in Argentina and worked in Uruguay, San Francisco and New York.
Cooking is a devotion for me, I love creating special moments for my guests and if it's possible to teach a few secrets.

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I dont really have a signature dish, It changes with time. Now a days Im making a Wonderfull and delicious vegan sushi.

I ask mi client what is that they like and go from there.
Always making sure Im aware of any food restriction or allergies. If there is any of this I make the menu in base of this, making sure all the guest are conformable and happy.

I love cooking and creating special moments for my guests. I know that when people get together there is always food involved, so why not make it the best!

Im super easy going and I pay attention to all details and I always go the extra mile to make sure you have a perfect event.

I can give remote cooking lessons, explaining step by step.
Making sure to send you a detailed list of ingredients and materials that you need.

I get tested weekly.
When Im cooking or serving I always keep my distance as much as possible.


This is a great moment to share and enjoy with friends or family, having a team experience learning how to cook different and delicious dishes.

Enjoy a personal in house experience.
Tailored to your needs