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I offer a dynamic approach to overcoming challenges in your life! This is just the beginning of your journey --and it is my passion to guide you and teach you the tools so that you can live life to the fullest. I am a Master's Certified Life Coach (from an accredited University) and have been coaching for over 7 years.


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4 November 2020

Waste of time and money!! Julie was supposed to coach me and I basically coached myself… I had sent her a college application essay and it took her over a week to review it! She kept making unprofessional excuses as to "oh I didn't see it or whatever". When she FINALLY reviewed it (because my application was due) it sounded like she edited it in two minutes and wasn't even actually reading it because half of her edits didn't even make sense. After I got it back I was very clearly displeased and she never reached out to me again to make another appointment… mind you I'm her client and keeping tabs is her job. Very unprofessional. More...

9 November 2019

Empathetic and Strategic. I thought I was coaching for career transformation but Julie dug deep and understood my patterns. It is so much more than just a career--we explored many different facets to what was keeping me stuck. Professional and Endearing. Win/Win More...

6 June 2019

I would recommend. Goes beyond the call of duty -- is exploring and researching to bring out the better you

4 June 2019

Julie is a great listener, incredibly insightful, very caring, and highly knowledgeable in her field. She worked with me to determine the appropriate resources, tools, and plan that I needed to make a positive difference in my life. I highly recommend her.

4 June 2019

Julie has it all together. I was looking for a coach and they seemed a dime a dozen. Finding Julie was like finding a hidden gem. Not only is she educated - she had the ability to course correct my wellness concerns. She also texted me several times during the week to make sure is was on track. If you need a coach, Julie is the best of the best. More...

4 June 2019

EXCELLENT COACH. Julie provides motivational structure and incorporates accountability every step of the way. Her sessions leave you inspired to be the best person you can be. Not only did she help me understand my relationship issues --she helped to find a new purpose in my day to day routines. I would definitely recommend Julie. She is a professional and will get the results you desire! More...

4 June 2019

I would highly recommend Julie as a Personal Coach. She is not only invested, but she reframes your situation and helps you to see your path in a new light. Julie is motivational, Julie is smart and Julie gets the results you are looking for. I was having struggles understanding my career path and she led me to a new career that I NEVER imagined. I am grateful for this woman! More...

4 June 2019

Julie offers dynamic and personalized action plans after each meeting. I was struggling with a traumatic divorce and career issues. After 1 month of coaching my life was in a better place. Sometimes you just need that little push and unique vantage point. I would recommend 100% Julie as a coach More...

Karan--it is been my honor to help navigate you through this season in your life! You are on your way girl!

30 May 2019

Julie is an inspiration. She definitely is a problem solver. She will work to help a person to become their full potential

Thanks Britt! It has been a pleasure to watch you grow and acheive your professional goals!

18 April 2019

She is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

12 April 2019

Yess!!! I admire Julie so much, she’s great!!!

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My passion is to watch my client's grow. Giving my client's the tools to get "un-stuck" and live everyday to the fullest is my greatest joy. I love seeing the progress and giving my individualized, personal attention to them on a consistent basis. My service is not just a once a week session--it is ongoing support through out the process in which I can check in and tweak the program as it applies to my client. I love getting to know each client and really developing their skillset--whether it be changing personal habits, destressing, career issues, relationship support, navigating divorce, or well being

My true essence is to give back and help others. I was taught at an early age the importance of helping others. I found embarking on a personal coaching business was a organic extension of my passions. By providing strategic support and planning I have seen client's soar in many different areas of their lives.

I am a Master's Certified Life Coach. The industry of coaching is an unregulated profession--so really, anyone can hang a sign in their window and call themselves a coach. I found it essential that I have the solid, educational foundation for my practice from a post-secondary institution. I have been coaching for 7 years as well, and feel that I can offer the wisdom and solid coaching theory to all my clients.



If you are looking to boost your career potential, find the tools to create and sustain profound relationships or work on a healthier lifestyle--the COACHING FOR EXCELLENCE package is for you. Combining weekly online sessions, motivation, resources and accountability check -ins can provide the structure for advancing your goals. You only live once--no more excuses.