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Comic Ventriloquist Joe Gandelman & Friends to shows for ALL ages and all kinds of events using his BIG cast of characters in shows with lots of laughs and interaction. His puppets are a combination of highly animated wooden characters and state-of the-art rubber and cloth ventriloquism puppets.


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15 June 2019

Great entertainer. Have watched his videos and always makes me laugh.

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9 May 2019

Joe is a fellow Rotarian and I have nothing but good to say about him. He embodies Service Above Self. I've seen Joe do his act to a room full of adults and some kids at our Rotary Club and he was a real hit. He's appropriate for all ages, has a great sense of humor, and knows how to bring smiles to the faces of the kids. I've also seen Joe perform at Ronald Mcdonald House to a room of sick kids and parents stressed out and worried to death about their children facing some difficult circumstances. He was compassionate and caring and made everyone forget their troubles, if only for a few minutes. He is a top-notch person and talented showman! More...

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11 March 2019

Joe Gandelman is one of the funniest, sweetest, most endearing guys you will ever meet. He manages to keep friends who are liberal and conservative, religious and not, and to give a good clean wholesome entertainment for kids with his act. And you know what? The guy you see on the stage? That's mostly the same exact guy in real life. Get to know Joe. Hire Joe. He'll bring you an awesome experience. More...

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10 March 2019

Joe is a phenomenal ventriloquist who always brings his “A” game to make your party, corporate event or special occasion. ..FUN! We love his characters which he brings life to with charm, wit and a little sass. More...

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I love several things about this. I was a fulltime journalist for many years (here and abroad) and went fulltime in 1990 and had always wanted to do theater or comedy. Firstly, I love meeting new people and interacting with them (of all ages). Secondly, and most importantly, I absolutely love making people laugh: performing puts me in a very special place where I'm not performing a comedy routine but really in it. I don't view my ventriloquism as a guy with a puppet. I view it as being part of a comedy teach with each character I bring out. People always note how they love their personalities. I also like the creation part on my routines. I may do lots of ad libbing in some shows but most characters before they are put into my show reflect DAYS of working on a routine. I often do my own first (using jokes I write...which get the best laughs...or using some jokes from my indexed joke bank) and then bounce it to a professional comedy writer who gives me some additional lines. Many times the ones I buy don't work and I only use a few and wind up writing more lines. Since I'm a former journalist I also love providing CONTENT in school shows or corporate customized shows. I like to see how I can fit in some messages or references people want (it may be integrated within a routine or I simply stop and note it).

I wanted to go into theater when I was in high school. I was in a summer theater group that included several people who went on to become famous in acting, writing, and producing bit corporate shows. I was talked out of it by relatives, and after getting my BA degree at Colgate University got my Masters Degree at Northwestern University's prestigious Medill School of Journalism. I then freelanced for some 5 years from India, Spain, Bangladesh and other counties then worked on two newspapers. I started dabbling in ventriloquism as a hobby at home in Wichita in 1980 while working on the Eagle-Beacon. In 1990, in San Diego, after I got in a near fatal car crash, a newspaper co-worker dropped dead of a heart attack I decided I was going to do what I wanted to do -- and with nothing lined up quit the paper to become a fulltime journalist.

I actually do a ventriloquism comedy show for all ages and occasions. I don't do magic and bring out a puppet. I don't do a music show (Terry Fator has that one sewn up!) and sing with the puppets (I do occasionally do some songs but they're for comic effect). And most of all I do NOT move my lips. I do a classic, real ventriloquism show with a VERY BIG cast of characters, with lots of interaction and laughs. I've also been doing this now throughout North America since 1990.