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I'm a online health and fitness trainer that uses state of art app and software that trains globally. Client uses a app that has video demonstrations of exercises along with sets and reps and times. Detail coaching, meal plans and tracking of macros and calories as well as food intake that support gym efforts.

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16 November 2020

Personal Trainers

He was very nice and we are exited to work with him!


E mail newsletter
Personal diet plans
Personalized training programs
Constant on going Coaching 24/7

Diet techniques and the right training plan with a educated approache utilizing experiences and schooling to obtain goals. Having more than 15 yrs experience helps to tackle goals of my clients with ease, time and patience.

Helping people with there goals and seeing results for my family of clients worldwide

As a independent I can actually do what it takes to change bodys with the right training plan unlike box gyms. To help as many people as I can

Over 15 yrs experience. I hold multiple certifications I keep up to date and I practice my craft and I keep up with the latest training science and concepts through additional testing, school and reading and attending seminars.

I also care about my clients goals and consider them a extension of my family.


I teach lifestyle and coach people to there success as a teacher and motivator.

Teach classic training for increase in lean muscle mass.

12 wks plus training, diet and nutrition to reduce bodyfat and maintain lean muscle mass to step on stage in razor sharp condition!

Work with cancer patients , arthritis , osteoporosis, pre and post natal, amputation and more regarding post rehab.

Teach, control and monitor exercise plan that directly coaches one to loose weight and gain lean muscle and to reshape the body.

Design and implement meal preparation plans for contest prep and specialized needs such as diabetics or ailments using state of art software for delivery into my programs.

Write and design cookbooks and recipes and nutrional guidance that supports and teaches better decision making in clients programs.

Bodybuilding, contest prep, rehab, youth, couples online training, online group training, aesthetics, female training, men's training, fat loss, strength training, powerlifting, conditioning, flexibility programs, home bodyweight training, specialist in fitness training and meal planning and nutrional coaching online.