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Las Vegas, NV

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I am a certified personal trainer living in the Las Vegas area. I am an NPC qualified competitor. I am also trained in Mixed Martial Arts for many years and a black belt in one. I have been through many sports and competitive sports and fully understand the difficulties you may have along the way, but I want to let you know, even with my experience, you are not alone.

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My slogan to working out is "the bigger you smile, the easier the reps are."

I truly believe there is no "secret" to achieving the "body of your dreams". As cliche as it sounds, a strong mental state, dedication, and most of all having fun while getting there is all it takes.

I have done FaceTime and Zoom meetings to train clients in the past.

I am a strong believer in sanitation when being in the gym. Simply cleaning and putting away the equipment after each use are the small steps you can take to ensure everyone in the gym will stay safe.


I have been in countless sports and fitness activities. My strength is within the gym but I do have experience with marathon running, bodybuilding, wrestling, Judo, Aikido. I have been physically active for as long as I can remember starting my Mixed Martial Arts studying since I was about 5. I specialize in general physical fitness and would be happy to assist you in anyway shape or form you may need help. Whether its in a gym or outdoor activities with limited equipment, I am confident I may be able to help you.

I am a hobbyist photographer specializing in natural lighting portraits.