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14397 Blanco Road, San Antonio, TX, USA

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18 hour response time

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Jerald Evans Personal Training offers one on one personal training and online personal training. Specializing in weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, Bodybuilding, strength building, Toning, conditioning

18 hour response time


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By always being there fore them in and out of the gym. Always trying to teach. Not just saying because I said so. By being an example to my clients and showing little tricks to be successful. It isn't just a fad its a lifestyle.

The secret is consistency of getting your workouts in but also in diet. We can't out train a bad diet!

I love helping my clients obtain their goals in and outside the gym!

What inspired me to open my own business was that the big box gyms are more interested in a personal trainer being a salesman then being a good trainer. They sell training to a client before the client knows who their trainer is. I don't think thats fair to the client. 95% of the trainers out there are knowledgeable trainers and good trainers but they don't get to train for their clients best interest because they have to be worried about sales production. We work for the client! Period! If we do our job well we won't have a client for ever they will learn from us and be able to move on their own at some point. Not to say that I haven't had some clients for years. I do have some that say I come to you because I wouldn't exercise without the appointment I have with you.

Clients should choose to hire me because I really do care about them getting to their goals. I am always there for them in and out of the gym!


One on one in person 45 min training session 45.00