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Royal Oak, MI


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I help people focus on what matters and make change happen. I bring over 15 years of business leadership and marketing experience, I'm a certified Yoga and meditation teacher and I've been coaching for a little over 3 years now. I follow the co-active coaching model;

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16 September 2020

James has a passion for helping others. Not just in reaching their best potential, but also in seeing their potential in themselves. The coaching and support I’ve received has helped me shift my mindset, maintain focus, boost my confidence, and manifest new possibilities for my future. Feedback was given honestly and was a tool he used to empower me and my decision making process. Opportunities were made available to me thanks to the efforts of James. James is a top notch life coach and I’ll always recommend his services. He’s helped me see something in myself and there’s so much value in that. More...

15 September 2020

I highly recommend James as a life coach. In our work together focusing on a career transition, he provided exceptional value in his ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools. I am more confident and fulfilled today as a result of his coaching. I’m continually amazed by his passion and dedication to help others grow. More...

15 September 2020

James has been a vital asset in reaching my maximum potential. He offers invaluable insight, a fresh perspective, and continuous support. James helped me launch my own business and gave me great tips and tricks in relation to not only the business aspect, but the marketing aspect as well. With his help, I have already doubled my profits. Working with James helped get me focused on what matters, and I continue to work with him on improvements I can always make. I highly suggest speaking with James, as he genuinely cares about the people he works with. More...

14 September 2020

Since I started working with James earlier this year, I’ve been more on track with goals than ever before. James has helped me unlock confidence that I didn’t know I could have. James brings a broad combination of expertises to the conversation which has help me see things in a different perspective. If you are looking to move from “one day” to “day one”, give James a call! More...

James Bake

Reply from James Bake

Thanks, Ryan! It's been amazing working with you too!


My mission in life is to encourage, engage, and equip others to believe in their possibilities so that we can change the world together. Through coaching, I get to help others make an impact on their lives and the world around them just through conversation.

Starting a coaching practice was a natural evolution of my work. Throughout the years I’ve been asked to be a coach by co-workers, executive, and through my network. I’ve found coaching to be really rewarding, given I get to work with people in all walks of life.

If you are looking to be 1% better than yesterday and focus on what matters, then let's talk. :)


Coaching is not so much a methodology as it is a relationship. Every person I work with is unique, with a unique set of circumstances, unique goals, and desires for change, unique abilities and interests. Whether you're looking to make a career change, life transition, performance improvement, improved health and wellness, your experience tailored to your unique situation. Together we'll build a relationship founded on trust that will empower change in your life.

Over the past 15 years, I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing businesses and helping them grow.

I believe in the idea of "less but better" and that simplicity always wins. And I use these concepts to help entrepreneurs and leaders create more powerful and sustainable businesses that are profitable.

I find that most think they need more marketing to grow their business, when really what needs to be optimized is the business itself.

Whether you're looking to improve profits, reduce complexity, make change happen, improve your leadership skills or looking to take your business to the next level, I can help.