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In the age of COVID-19, you might find yourself out of a job or reevaluating your career goals.

Maybe you've been laid off and are now competing with thousands of other candidates for the same job.

Maybe you've been feeling undervalued, but haven't had the time or energy to make a switch.

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Each and every day I get to witness my clients transform from feeling trapped and insecure about their job prospects to feeling hopeful and excited about their futures. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when my clients achieve a milestone on their career journey, whether it's acing an interview, overcoming networking fears, or negotiating an offer.

J.AEBI Coaching was born out of my own career journey and the desire to help others find their passion and purpose in work and in life. I spent over 20 years trying to figure out "what I want to be when I grow up". I tried numerous jobs in various industries: education, nonprofit, health, administration, sales, technology, event planning, customer service. I thought the more careers I tried the more likely I'd land a job I loved (or at least tolerated). While it was a great learning opportunity, the journey led to many dead ends and left me feeling exhausted and burned out. Something had to change.

I sought counseling, read articles, took personality tests, talked to friends and family, and did a lot of soul searching. It was a lot of work, but I developed deeper self-knowledge and found my own authentic voice. I realized that the endless search to find a job "out there" was overshadowing an intrinsic drive and passion that was there all along--helping people. As far back as I can remember, friends, family and colleagues would come to me for help with personal dilemmas and professional challenges. I've been told by various individuals that they can tell me anything without fear of judgement. It eventually dawned on me that I might be able to make a living as a coach; to help people clarify their goals and figure out what's holding them back from finding fulfillment in their lives.

I enrolled in the acclaimed Co-Active Training Institute in Marin, which gave me a strong foundation for coaching, and then earned a Senior Professional Career Coach certification through the International Association of Career Coaches.

Now, I get to do what I love by helping people find a career they love!

I know from personal experience how miserable and lonely it can be to spin your wheels in the wrong career, or work in a toxic environment or have a bully for a boss. It doesn't have to be that way, and sometimes it takes an outsider like a career coach to get you back on track. Whether you're unhappy at your current company, want to pivot to a new career, struggle with a career transition, or need a little push to start your own business, I can help!

I am not satisfied until you're satisfied. I go the extra mile to ensure you are getting what you need from your career and life. For some, it could be the confidence to ask for a raise; for others, it could be moving on from a toxic boss or workplace. Every client is beautifully unique and I meet you where you are--even if you're stuck. I have exposure to many different industries and job functions, which has made it possible for me to work with a range of job seekers and I belong to a cohort of master coaches and recruiters so I am also keeping my skills and industry knowledge up-to-date.


Most people think of interviews as a Q&A. They ask questions, I provide answers. I go beyond that to help you create compelling stories about your experience so your interview is as memorable as you are.

The journey to finding a job you love can be complicated. There are many strategies that most job seekers don't even think about that I can expertly guide you through. I've broken down the search process into 8 distinct phases, from determining your career direction to signing your offer. I will guide you through whatever phases are relevant to you and be your sounding board and support system along the way.

I love resumes! I produce beautiful, compelling resumes that articulate your value so recruiters and hiring managers get you from day one. No two resumes are alike--the resume I produce for you will be customized distinctly for you. I demystify what it takes to customize your resume for each new position, which speeds up the process so you don't lose the opportunity to apply for roles before they disappear!

Do I really have to use LinkedIn? What's LinkedIn good for anyway? How many connections should I have? Should I reveal that I am "Open to Work"? Should I accept connection requests from strangers?

I will answer all of these questions and more. I will customize your LinkedIn profile so it's searchable by recruiters and entices them to call you for open roles. I will show you how to use LinkedIn for an effective job search.

So many people either don't negotiate offers, or they go about it all the wrong way. Let's work together so I can show you how to negotiate the right way. It doesn't have to be scary!

Most companies don't have robust onboarding processes. I'll show you how to be the boss of your own onboarding so you make your mark from day 1. We'll develop a strategy that helps you adjust to the culture, conditions, expectations, and responsibilities so you hit the ground running. A strong start in your new role will directly equate to how successful you are throughout your employment at your company.