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Winter Park & Orlando, Florida, Orange


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Jacquephoto.com, offers commercial photography for products, fashion and events and in all pictures needed for website and print usage. We specialize in upscale creative imagery to attract a modern and visually well educated viewer to website and print matter for companies and individual uses.

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23 July 2018

He was so great! He did an incredible job capturing all of the important moments and so many other unexpected moments. I really was able to enjoy my wedding, I didn't feel burdened by having to take pictures. He was simply there during the important moments and he captured them. I LOVE my wedding pictures and I am so grateful to him. More...

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Discussing the need with the client prior to doing the photography to get a clear understanding of the best imagery to represent their particular marketing or individual need. Bringing detailed photo shopping and color balancing and overall optimum quality to an image and working with the client.

What are we photographing, what area are we doing it in, how many people are involved, do we need studio lighting, waht color are the walls and how big is the room, how many days or hours are needed of photography , is a make-up person needed and any other basic`s that pertain to the job.

Doing the work and creating images that reach the public and please the client. Ones that attract business to them through the photography and create an attractive look for their marketing. I like working with people and collaborating with staff in any company.

I worked in photojournalism initially and then had the idea to try commercial and style kinds of photography.

Because most clients want strong clear modern pictures to represent them and because I have for years worked with photo agencies and new services that require a higher standard in matching the story with the photograph and the quality they look for is usually higher than most ordinary small local photography companies have in any city. Also I enjoy working with people but above all creating art and doing photography for the public eye and personal use.


We provide a portable studio set-up available at any location with a Swiss strobe lighting system, colored backgrounds, make-up and hair person available on request and support staff for big jobs as needed. Many examples of photo-shop techniques may be seen at www.photomodes.com. Fashion Blog has pictures brought together from separate images or products and made into whole convincing fashion and style advertising and marketing pictures. Professionals often ask where the model was photographed and I explain it is a combination of 6-9 pictures to create that idea, starting with the product as the foundation. The point being we are Photo Shop Experts in bringing you the best quality to reach your need on the internet or personal desire.