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Ionic Fitness

Fairview Heights, Illinois, St.clair

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One on One Personal Training
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Through carefully listening to their goals and paying attention to any limitations I develop a personalized workout just for them. I always push my clients to their potential and take them just past their comfort zone but not outside of what they’re cabable of. Following up with them between workouts is always important. Making sure they stay on track with daily nutrition is crucial.

Consistency with both exercise and nutrition as well as being in the correct state of mind to achieve your goals. If you’re not mentally ready to make the change, it won’t happen. You have to really want change to happen.

Everyday I have the opportunity to change someone’s life and potentially save them by improving their health and giving them more time on this Earth to spend with their loved ones.

The desire to carve my own path with my ideas, not someone else’s.

I give you results, not open ended unrealistic promises. I genuinely care about you and your health and as long as you trust the process, you’ll become the best version of yourself.