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Intel 7 Investigations

Pasadena, MD, USA

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Intel 7 Investigations is a private investigations company operating in Maryland. Intel 7 specializes in Surveillance, Physical and Technical Counter Surveillance, Video, GPS, and Bug Sweeping, Background Checks, Locating people, Missing persons, Insurance Fraud, Personal Injury and Undercover cases. Intel 7 is here to help you with a honest approach to investigations.

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10 October 2022

Working with Jeff from SHERLOCKSTORM INVESTIGATIONS was an amazing experience. I felt like I was working with a friend. He seemed to take a personal interest in my infidelity case and never gave up until we came to a conclusion. Sadly I noticed a drastic change in my husband behavior, I needed to have him followed up and checked because I am home with the boys and also 6 months pregnant. He keeps driving me crazy, going to work at odd hours, making several secret calls, he goes out late at night, the height of it all is that he wouldn’t let me touch his phone, that was when I knew something was wrong. Thanks to SHERLOCKSTORM@yahoocom, who kept my sanity in check. With the help of SHERLOCKSTORM@yahoocom I found out that this man had been cheating on me with our neighbor, Jeff was very helpful I was able to gain access to my husband phone, I read all his text messages(including deleted ones) I listened to his live conversations, I had access to all his social media accounts and emails, I had access to his photos and videos, I also monitored and tracked his locations trying to cross reference it with the timeline. What I saw broke my heart into a million pieces.
If I knew of someone needing this kind of service I would not hesitate to recommend jeff and his Company.



Intel 7 Investigations Owner has over 12 years of experience in the surveillance industry ranging from government team surveillance, to one-man personal injury physical surveillance. Intel 7 can discuss with you what type of surveillance may be the best for the investigation to help gather the best intelligence possible while being discreet. For instance, a rural case requires a different approach then a surveillance case which is in a major city. Intel will discuss the best approach to make it cost efficient to the client.

Physical Counter Surveillance / Route Design

Do you feel as though some one might be stalking you or you might be under surveillance? Intel 7 Investigations can provide physical Counter surveillance to help identify various people or vehicles who might be trailing you or watching your place of residence. Intel 7 can also sit with you to develop a game plan to help you as well to self-detect surveillance so that you can have a piece of mind.

Technical Counter Surveillance / Technical Surveillance

Intel 7 Investigations has tools to be able to sweep your office or place of residence for bugs, listening and video devices. Intel 7 can also sweep your vehicle for any GPS devices that may been on any vehicles. Do you have an employee who might not be using the company vehicle properly? Intel 7 is here to help you with GPS tracking on any vehicle you might need to keep track of.

Background Checks

Intel 7 can check databases that can only be accessed by law enforcement and government agencies to help with weed out employees who you might not want to hire, someone you are dating or renters you might be renting a property to. Intel 7 can look into a person’s criminal, personal and professional history to explore what validates or disproves their character and identity. A background check may delve into criminal records, employment history, civil records, personal references and an education check.

Missing Persons / Locating People

Intel 7 can search various databases, social media, court records, vehicle registrations and conduct interviews to help you find that missing person or locate that individual who you might need to find for any reason.

Insurance Fraud / Personal Injury

The Owner has worked in the Personal injury, workers compensation, Insurance fraud industry for over 5 years collecting video evidence and producing the evidence in a court of law to help settle personal injury cases for insurance companies. Intel 7 can assist you in obtaining covert video through surveillance methods to document a individuals day to day activities.

Undercover Work

Intel 7 can conduct undercover investigations of suspected or confirmed criminal activity while impersonating a disinterested third party. Intel 7 can infiltrate a suspected group, posing as a person interested in purchasing illegal goods, posing as a person who is interested in a criminal activity with the ultimate aim of obtaining information about their assigned target. Intel 7 undercover investigators carry hidden cameras and recorders strapped to their bodies to help them document their investigations. The period of the investigation could last for several months, or in some extreme cases, years. Due to the dangerous nature of the job, their real identities are kept secret throughout their active careers. Economic investigations, business intelligence and information on competitors, security advice, special security services information, criminal investigation are all typical examples of what Intel 7 Investigations can gather intelligence on.