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Insight and Energy

27 High Street, Roslyn Heights, NY, USA


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Would you like to improve your sense of well-being, clarity, and purpose, and improve your relationships and communication, so you can achieve your goals in life?

*** Note: I am offering both video and in-person therapy, for your convenience ***

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6 customer reviews

11 February 2021


David was amazing! I enjoyed our sessions. He gave good insight into my past and current behaviors and thought patterns and helped me with my communication skills. I highly recommend him!!!

12 January 2021

David has been a terrific therapist for 5+ years. Prior to David, I had been in therapy for a long time, but hadn't been able to develop the proper "doctor/patient" chemistry, to allow for a deeper, internal probing of underlying subconscious issues that were preventing personal growth. David's persona and methodology allow for that difficult journey to be embarked upon and to remain on a steady course. He is always present, dependable and empathetic. I can't recommend him highly enough. More...

19 December 2020

David, of Insight and Energy, is compassionate and empathetic. He is intuitive and can analyze a situation quickly. David is easy to open up to. I would highly recommend David to a person in need. More...

6 July 2020

David was quick to respond in returning my request for an appointment. He was professional and was able to accommodate my schedule. Very productive first visit.

Reviewed on Zocdoc

11 May 2020

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

David was quick to respond and available to meet our needs for an appointment. Our first session was valuable and insightful. We will continue as we enjoyed his approach. More...

30 June 2019

David is a not only a great guy but extremely professional, and has an insight to coaching, relationship building and success. I am truly amazed at his ability and knowledge to understand you, which allows you to reach higher goals. I highly recommend David, don't look any further if you need a coach, i would give him 10 stars if i could. I am looking forward to working with David even more in the future. Best regards, David More...

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I enjoy having deeply felt, genuine interactions with clients, helping them experience their lives more fully. Being part of others' growth is also fulfilling for me, as it meets a profound human need to contribute to the well-being of others as well as to know oneself.

My father was an entrepreneur -- in a totally different field, but seeing his freedom and success, along with my own abilities in study and work, gave me the sense of confidence to set my own path in life.

Due to my lifelong (since childhood) interest in the human mind, and my natural inclination to feel empathy for those in distress, I followed my calling to first learn about myself and about human nature, and then offer that capacity to others, as a psychotherapist.

As a result, I work independently to fully express my passion for engaging with others in a meaningful way, in a field of work that benefits others and is fulfilling for me to be part of.

My entire adult life has been dedicated to learning wisdom. This started with Zen meditation in 1970, and then in my 20's, Tai Chi Chuan practice with a world-renowned grandmaster, which I have also taught for decades. That is an inner practice which teaches mind / body harmony and dropping of tension.

My studies of gestalt therapy and psychoanalysis were very hands-on (rather than the more academic approach of some training for this field), so I accumulated a great deal of experience under guidance of experts. I work with individuals and couples (and some families) helping resolve issues of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, among those considered financially "successful" as well as those looking for a firmer footing in life. Those who are doing "well" overall come for therapy and coaching in order to find clearer vision and purpose, and for more success in achieving their goals.

All people need a sense of meaning in life, and ultimately when psychotherapy can help others find peace, focus, and meaning in life, the individuals are far more fulfilled and can make a positive contribution with their daily lives.

I do provide all my services online / remotely. Zoom is the preferred option, although I would consider other technical options as long as they include a video component for a more authentic and complete interaction between the client and myself.

Working online / remotely guarantees the safety of all those concerned. It is also superior to working in-person with a mask on, since the mask covers over some visual clues in facial expression.


Your self-created insight and energy, through guidance and dialogue in the therapeutic or coaching session, are a solution for leading a better life. Through this collaborative work we can help you uncover your innate insight and energy, a wonderful resource that each of us has but which few use to their full capability.

Through our therapeutic (inward-focused) or coaching (goal-focused) work together, you can:
* reduce stress
* improve harmony of mind and body
* gain the joyfulness and the focus needed to reach your goals

Connecting to your deepest insight and awareness and to your capacity for energetic action, leads to a life that is more fulfilling, more connected to those around you, and better for family, friends, and society.

When your own insight and energy improve, relationships and your ability to express in daily life also improve, and you are better able to achieve your important goals.

Leadership success requires not only understanding of the typical issues that help make organizations successful, but also requires the individual given a leadership role to:
* be self-aware
* understand communication with a wide variety of personality styles
* have personal resources of well-being that allow optimizing both patience and assertiveness

Due to my wide experiences in the business world earlier in my career, I understand organizational hierarchies, budgeting, negotiation, product or service positioning, and team management.

Succeeding in leadership requires a good understanding of other people—and of oneself—as well as understanding of organizational needs. Creativity, humor, and determination are some of the additional components that make work an opportunity for full expression of oneself while achieving goals that serve a larger purpose for an organization.

Individuals in a work environment are often interacting with others whom they would not naturally choose for engagement, or with others who think and act in different ways.

Training in awareness, communication, and values help bridge the gaps between people and lead to:
* better morale
* more mutual support
* increased staff engagement
* better use of organizational assets
* better outcomes in meeting goals.

If you have ever experienced two staff members (or two groups in an organization) vying for recognition over the other, you know how that can negatively affect the workplace in multiple ways. And if you or staff members are impacted by self-doubts, unrealistic expectations, or communication issues internally or with clients, you also know how that can affect the results the organization can achieve due to low employee engagement, staff turnover, and lost opportunities for the organization.

Earlier in my career, I worked in the business world for large companies, and then ran my own successful consulting company providing service to organizations of all sizes. This included experience with planning, marketing, negotiating, implementation, and management of staff.

Along with my lifetime of personal development and work as a psychotherapist, these experiences allow me to engage your staff members and the team as a whole and from a deep place, finding out the issues they face and the roots of those issues, and co-creating solutions that make work more engaging and more productive.