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Based in New York and New Jersey we collaborate on award-winning new media, web design, mobile apps and rich internet applications. At Ignite On Interactive, we create and execute strategic marketing solutions for our clients. Fueled by our creative process and driven by client satisfaction, we create a pulse for your vision.

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4 November 2014

Very professional and does great work. They did a great job with our online shop, and kept very good communication throughout the process.

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There are many different ways of creating a website, with many moving parts that must work together efficiently and seamlessly to make a website truly great. Though trends change throughout the years, the current trends are the following in no specific order.

1. Responsive Design

Data suggests that there are now more mobile traffic than desktop, and as such, websites and internet apps must be optimized for those smaller screens. Without responsive design, the user will have to zoom, pan, and scroll numerous times to view the content properly. That alone can attribute to horrible user experience. With responsive design implemented, all content and layout are resized for optimal visibility on all screen sizes.

2. Minimalism

Unlike back in the days where sites were cluttered with multitude of images and text, minimalism is now the preferred choice for aesthetics. Clean, and modern design approach ties in well especially with mobile devices due to their smaller screen real estate. To the point, simple yet modern.

3. UX (User Experience, User-Friendliness)

No matter how fancy and high-tech your website or internet application may be, without properly usability in place it's all for null. Intuitive design, with easy to navigate menus and site tree keep visitors engaged and satisfied. Page load performance has a strong impact as well, since most internet users these days will leave the site altogether if it doesn't load in a couple of seconds.

4. Relevant, and useful content

Even if you check off all other points in this list, if the content you provide is irrelevant, and not useful to the visitor, it defeats the purpose. Your website should frequently be updated with fresh content to keep visitors coming back. Content is King.

5. Direction

Clearly provide structured information with proper placements of text, images and videos. Visitors should know instantly what your business offers. Although content is king, without proper presentation, visitors will only get confused.

Note: This list is in no way complete, and will be updated from time to time.

Pre-Development & Brainstorming

During this initial phase, we establish the vision of the project and all its finer details. Project time-line, specifications and scope are defined, along with the designation of the technologies to be implemented. This phase is crucial because it helps us plan and build the proper base of foundation required for scalability and longevity.

All planning, brainstorming, and user experience will be discussed in this stage. General timeframe for this phase is approximately 1-2 weeks, but can vary by project size and complexity.

Conceptual Pre-Visualization

The design specifications are generated and a mock-up is created. A general wire-frame and sitemap (if applicable) is created to provide a visual confirmation of the processes and flow-paths. The client is provided a few varying mock-ups based on the pre-development briefs in which they can choose from.

Revisions may be made to the design proofs at this stage. If and only if you're 100% satisfied with the direction headed, we move on.


During this phase, we shift to maximum gear and develop the client's project. Database modeling is completed along with any other necessary tasks. Conceptual design is taken apart to pieces and applied throughout the site or mobile app. Then our code-speaking developers get to work and starts breathing life into the project by creating all of the required features and functions.

This is where you sit back and let us work our magic.

Post-Development & Launch

During the final stages of the development, the almost completed product goes through extensive testing for bugs and any other anomalies. Design is polished up and improved where possible.

We discuss post-launch marketing and/or search engine optimizations. No matter how great the project is, without proper marketing in place, failure is inevitable.