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Hello! My name is April Conrad!
I am a Hypnotist and:
• RTT Therapist
I have helped people all over the world with:
• Self Esteem
• Self Confidence
• Feelings of being enough
• Weight loss and weight management
• Quitting Smoking
• Breaking bad habits

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8 March 2021

I am so happy I found April and RTT! This experience has been life changing and it only took one visit to help with my self confidence! I will be back for more! I’m excited that I have truly found the answer to help me with all of my issues! More...

Hypnotherapy Healer

Reply from Hypnotherapy Healer

Jennifer, It was a joy to work with you! I feel so blessed to have really genuine clients that allow me to help them on a very deep Level! Thank you for being so willing to dive in and take a look at what we needed to change! You are truly brave!


Connecting with my clients on a deep, divine level. I have met so many beautiful minds and embrace the chance of helping people from all walks of life!

Having my own business makes it possible to help clients around their busy schedule. Working for an organization limits the hours I can work and limits the compacity in which I can utilize my talents. Creating Hypnotherapy Healer was done with the intent to help all people that need assistance, not just those that want to overcome a phobia or habit although it is equally important for me to treat those issues as well.

I deeply believe that we all impact the world around us. It's as simple as if I smile at someone at the store and then they in turn smile at someone else. Before no time 10 smiles have been created from one simple gesture of kindness. Now think on that in a larger scale, imagine what affect we can all have on the world around us by deeply impacting someone else's life. This is my purpose. This is my legacy.

Yes! All appointments will be done online over Zoom for the time being while the pandemic is happening. If you do not have a Zoom account, FaceTime, Messenger, or Google have the ability to meet remotely as well.

Social Distancing by seeing all clients remotely.


RTT is a new award winning modality of hypnotherapy that uses state of the art techniques to help you overcome any problem or issue you are having in your life. Work on weight loss, habits, lifestyle changes, quit smoking, build self confidence, overcome fear of public speaking. I am here to help you achieve a vibrant, stress free, exciting, gorgeous, liberating life that you deserve! If I had a magic wand what could I help you overcome?