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I am a web designer/developer, and photographer. I prefer WordPress as a content management system, and have experience with SEO and social media operations. I pride myself on personal relationships with each of my clients. I also offer web maintenance for those who simply need help keeping up with the ever-changing climate of the web.


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A simple, visually enhanced, easy to navigate home page that includes basic information and beautiful imagery.

For web design, one of the more important things I need to know is what kind of image you want to project to your potential client. Are you a casual place, or do you expect high-end clientele? I like when clients send me samples of other business websites (perhaps even those of their competition) so I can get an idea of what it is you do, and how you hope to share what it is that you do with the world. I also always ask if SEO/Google ranking is important; a lot of professionals wait until months after the site is live to inquire why they aren't on the first page of Google yet, and it's much easier to incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) while the site is being built.

Lighting; having great knowledge of your equipment; willingness to invest some time and wait for the right moment.

For photography, it depends on the project. I shoot headshots, interiors/exteriors, food, cocktails, etcetera. The most important thing to me is that a photograph is authentic.

Working one-on-one with really great people; learning about new industries; working on projects that inspire me.

I'm a self-made individual, and I've always enjoyed design. My father was a photographer and was also very into technology, so I was building websites, learning HTML, and experimenting with the online world at the age of 14. When he passed away in 2006, I inherited his bevy of cameras, lenses, and assorted equipment, so I delved head-first into that world as well. Photography is a perfect companion to web and graphic design.

With me, you will experience a personal relationship with your designer. I'm a one-woman show, so you don't have to jump through hoops to get ahold of me. I'm also detail-oriented, and I pride myself on working long and hard to get things "just right". I work very quickly, I have a conversational style of grammar, and am an excellent speller.