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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


As a result of working with me, single, ambitious women who get stuck in their heads, break through their limited beliefs and take bold action towards their goals.

Higher Heights w/Rachanee Nicole is about taking control of your mind and rising above your situations and perceived limitations.

Let's get started on your new years goals!

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28 November 2021

What to say about Miss Rachanee we met almost ten years when I first started my G.E.D class. She was very helpful and patient with me, letting me move at my own pace while also calling me out on my BS when I needed it, which really helped me. Since then, Rachanee has been someone I could rely on to give me sound advice, someone who I trust to bounce decisions off of because she asks questions to help me to see other possibilities and perspectives, and works with me to put together a plan of action. If you get the opportunity to work with her, know that RACHANEE WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU! ALWAYS!!! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a coach! More...

20 November 2021

Working with Rachanee has been one of the most uplifting experiences in my life. She listens and responds with solid advice and information on how to follow that advice. She doesn't throw you to the wolves nor leave you empty even if you don't necessarily get the response you were hoping for. I feel Rachanee is worth more than 5 ⭐️ if I'm being honest. To be able to give hope to the hopeless is something powerful. I personally am thankful to have worked with her and hope others get to experience Coach Rachanee as well. Love and Peace More...

17 February 2021

Working with Rachanee was an eye opening experience for me. She meets you where you are and helps you work to get where you want and need to be in multiple areas of your life. As a busy mom, wife and a few other roles I play, I enjoyed having someone reaching out to me. Asking me how i feel. Asking me what I've done for myself. My biggest takeaway from her coaching program was that I need to make sure I am the best version of myself before I can be beneficial to others. You cant pour from an empty cup. More...

24 January 2021

Rachanee helps me break out of old ruts in my personal and professional life. Her guidance comes in the form of active listening, laser focused questions, clear action steps, and proactive follow up. I highly recommend Rachanee if you are ready for positive change! More...


My favorite part of my job is getting to witness and be apart of someone's transformation. When the light bulb goes off, and because it did, that person is forever changed for the better. I love coaching because I believe strongly that life is about being a life learner, always growing and learning, so to get to be a life learner, while also being able to help others learn and get better, it's a great feeling. In doing so, I feel like I'm contributing to the overall wellness of the planet.

What inspired me to start my own business was the desire to be able to help people on my own terms, outside of the confounds of having an employer. Employers may have certain ways of doing things, or having certain restrictions that keep me from being able to live life to the fullest on my terms and I did not want those restrictions for me. I wanted to be able to help people all over the world, from anywhere in the world without trading my time for money.

It's an added bonus that I get to help others do the same thing, and live out what's in their hearts.

You should choose me because I am FOR you and your breakthrough! Everything begins and ends with YOUR goals in mind. I'm willing to meet you where are, yet hold the vision for who you are becoming, and call you to be that person. I will lovingly support you so you know you aren't alone, but I will also lovingly stretch you to points of discomfort that will lead to your growth, and when need be, I will bring the tough love that will call you out on your stuff! You should choose me because when you do, we're in it together!

Yes; I have a personal Zoom meeting, as well as a Google Meet account that we can choose to meet over. If you do not have the capacity to meet with video conference, phone calls are also possible.

Due to having clients in different states, a lot of my work was virtual already so I did not have to make any major changes to my practice due to to Covid-19, except as it pertains to dealing with how it is impacting everyone's life.


As a result of working with me, clients lose weight and feel great about the bodies they live in! I'm looking for clients who are ready to get clear on their goals, get attached to their why, and make small, habit shifts that result in sustainable, healthier, living instead of repeated yo-yo dieting.

Do you have a goal yet are unclear on what the first, or the next step is? Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of your goal that you find other ways to spend your time than actually making progress on what's important to you?

If so, I can help. I help clients get clear on what they want, break down the goal into bite size actions that compound into major results, and overcome any mental obstacles that show up to sabotage your progress.

Everything we do and don't do, believe and don't believe, feel and don't feel, begins in our mind first. In fact, our very lives is a compilation of all of our thoughts up to this point, so if you aren't happy with what you see, it's time to alter your internal dialogue, and begin to think like the person who already has what you want, and then live it out!

I help clients reach their next level of possibility by overcoming the negative, destructive thoughts that plague our minds and keep them comfortable in their discomfort.

I'm looking for individuals who feel like their own thoughts are working for an opposing team and they're tired of getting stuck in the booby traps. I help them alter their internal dialogue and become unstoppable in their goals.

"The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do." - James Allen ("As a Man Thinketh")

Whether you a and loved one are having a hard time seeing eye to eye, or you just want to improve your communication and connection, I help individuals create greater peace with loved ones by increasing compassion and building better understanding towards each other.