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We offer web design, search engine optimization, content writing, search engine marketing and an experience that is customized for each of our small business customers. Each website is customized for you to meet your specific goals and needs, whether your goal is to drive people to your brick and mortar building or to inform the public.

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23 July 2018

Mary is a very knowledgeable website designer, I am very excited to start working with her!

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A great website has a nice look, welcome design AND is functional on the back-end with the proper search engine optimization techniques put in place. It is built properly with all technical aspects completed (such as meta titles and descriptions, alt tags on images, etc) as well as a design that is easy for users to navigate.

What business are you in?
What made you start your business?
What are you hoping a new website will do for your business?
Who are your top competitors? Have you spent time on their websites?
Whose websites do you like? Whose don't you like? Why?
Have you written any content? Do you need help?
How will you provide the needed images for your website?
What is your favorite part of your business?
Least favorite?
Who walks through your door most consistently?
How will you be marketing your website?
What are your expectations for getting visitors to your website?
What other questions do you have besides the cost?

I love building a website that customers love. Having a happy customer is the end goal and when that happens, I'm happy. We work very hard with our customers by asking a lot of questions up front to reach an end goal that they'll love. When we achieve happiness, and it's helping their business. I'm happy. Seeing their business grow, their phone ring, leads come to them...that's why I do this!

My son has autism and at the time he was not doing well health wise. Happily, he is now doing very well and in school. I needed something flexible so that I could take him to his various appointments. I'm also care giver for a disabled family member and freelancing gives me the flexibility I need to manage work and home life appropriately.

I am committed to making your site exactly the way you want it. We will work until you are satisfied. We're committed to your satisfaction and will do what it takes to make it happen for you!


WordPress web design is my favorite way to give you impressive and well-built real estate on the web. My team and I work together to develop a design, SEO, and content that will have your site out there in no time.

I'll help you work within the constraints of Weebly to design a user friendly, effect site that looks beautiful too. Plus, I know how to use their SEO tools so your site will perform.

I'll help you design, not just a pretty site, but a site built with all of the SEO backbone that you need so that your site will perform in searches for your business.

I offer Search Engine Optimization services for clients:
1. Analyze your site and provide a report showing you what needs to be updated on your existing site. You are under no obligation to hire me, you may use this report for yourself or to hire another SEO Specialist.
2. Analyze and make recommendations based on your report for how we can fix the items that are incorrect, missing, or in error for your website. You are under no obligation to hire me, you may use my recommendations to fix your site yourself or hire another SEO Specialist.
3. Perform a full analysis including keyword, competitor, site, and then deliver results. Prepare a prioritized plan of action for your website and deliver the results with reports every month.

Prefer to do it yourself? I also offer Web Design Consulting services to small businesses. I will sit down with you and look at your website. Discuss your goals and what's happening with your current site and run analysis on your existing site. I will then come back with an action plan for your to follow to improve your website and will provide any training necessary to help you achieve the recommended results.

This consulting is only available for small businesses at this time. In particular, I'm looking to help small businesses who are starting out and are looking for some guidance. The consulting isn't as much as you might think and we can stretch it out so that it is affordable. Ask me about it, I love helping small business owners get their start achieving their dreams!

I set up and manage your Google Adwords and Bing Ads accounts for you. I believe that SEO and SEM work best when applied together. Building your brand awareness and driving traffic to your website work best together. I help by applying my experience in building your campaigns and working with you to discuss your goals and help you to achieve those goals through the SEM campaign. This will help you to drive organic and paid traffic through to your website, giving your the traffic boost you need while the organic SEO campaign builds. Depending on the amount spent on your SEM campaign, I either charge a flat fee for the month or a % of the campaign to keep it affordable for small businesses.