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Her Journey Towards Change is focused on helping women move forward with life transitions and goals. Founded and operated by a woman for women.

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I love a community among women who are looking for change and growth in their personal life and to know we are going the journey together.

My inspiration came from my own personal struggles of feeling stuck and not knowing where to start. I want to help others take that first step in a positive direction in their journey towards change.

I feel I can give the clarity, perspective and authentic support and encouragement they are seeking to move forward with their goals. Why? Because I know what it’s like and want to share my support for others to move in a positive direction.

Yes. I provide private services/appointments remotely through Zoom and Google Video calls.

I only provide services remotely. I have been fully vaccinated and require masks for on location appointments. I only offer on-line services at the moment.


Hi. I'm Laura and I'm a Christian Life Breakthrough Coach certified through Life Breakthrough Coaching & Academy. What does that actually mean? I help and encourage women who are seeking change and transformation from feeling limited in their endeavors in reaching their goals and full potential. I specialize in Mindset & Accountability, Personal and Life Transitions, Passion & Purpose, Personal & Spiritual Motivation, and Clarifying & Reaching Goals.

My hope is to provide women with a valuable service in finding clarity in their struggles, accountability in reaching their goals, assisting with strategies through guidance and support, focus on your God-given talents and unique skills, offer positive insights and new perspectives and eliminate the negativity that might be pulling them down.

I believe everyone needs that ‘go to’ person in facilitating change. But, sadly, not everyone does. I want to be that person for you.

If you feel like you are stuck and just can not seem to get your feet moving forward, you are in the right place. Reaching out can be hard and somewhat, uncomfortable. Believe me, I know. But I also know allowing and accepting help can also mean a life-changing transformation. You were created to live your best life. Let’s take this journey together.

If you should choose to be a part of this journey, please know you are valued. Through this faith-based life coaching experience, my hope is that you will gain insight, find purpose and clarity in moving forward, and set goals, which will enable you to live a life of full potential. The full potential in which God created you to be because you were fearfully and wonderfully made.

I offer a range of services from single sessions to packages. Click the link below to see my rates.