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Cinnaminson, NJ, Burlington

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Helen V Hicks offers business coaching services to business owners and managers. I meet with entrepreneurs, managers or executives 1:1 to identify barriers to progress, establish attainable goals for improvement and develop a plan for how to get there.

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1.) I learn something from each of my clients.
2.) I get to play a small role in helping the persons in my community live a more fulfilling life.
3.) Challenge myself and grow
4.) Be an example.

I started my own business because I didn't agree with the internal values of other agencies/ organizations. Outwardly, many organizations establish mission statements and lists of company values that look and sound good to the public but once a part of the organization I often found that those values were diluted or only loosely followed. I didn't want my name to be associated with lower quality, dedication or service. When people see or hear Helen V Hicks I want them to know that they are getting the best.

I want people to succeed! This desire goes far beyond making money or establishing a good name for myself. It's about building a healthier and stronger community. No one is perfect but we can all be better!
Regardless of the state of things when I arrive, I promise something will be better when I leave. I take pride in being able to help people and to meet them where they're at in order to do so.


Assist new or existing business owners to identify and remove barriers to growth, establish achievable goals and a plan for how to get there.

Contracted services through an HR department to assist managers or executives to identify and remove barriers to performance or leadership skills and to develop effective skills to enhance performance and build strong business relationships.

Develop or refine current business management style and/or techniques that promote a more productive efficiently operated establishment.