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As a Relationship & Marriage Coach, I try to be connected into the couple's lives. I just don't talk to them on our given sessions but I am constantly checking up on them to make sure that they are working on their relationship.

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22 January 2024

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3 July 2022

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15 March 2021

Couples Counseling

Very comfortable to talk to. Very straight forward and speaks from experience. Helpful and understanding

18 February 2021

Couples Counseling

I had a great experience with Mr. Kim he’s so open and honest and makes you feel so comfortable to express yourself. I’m so glad I found him and will continue on this new path, which is starting to look real good. Thank you

9 February 2021

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Steve is truly a blessing and all around great person. He's very honest and understanding. One conversation and you'll be able to tell right away this is his calling. I look forward to our next session. It's also a pleasure to have a life coach/counselor that's very much in touch with his clients. Keep up the GREAT!! work Steve, your awesome More...

2 February 2021

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

My husband and I have been working with Steve Kim for a few weeks and he has already given us tools that have helped us in our marriage. He gives great advice, shares personal experiences, gives us things to work on each week and we’ve already seen huge improvements through working with Steve. In addition to our hour that we meet each week as a couple, Steve will take the time to work with us individually during the week if we need it. He truly cares and makes it clear he is here to help. More...

26 January 2021

Couples Counseling

Healthy expressions has given us Mr. Stephen Kim. From the moment I spoke to Mr. kim I knew that he could potentially help save my Marriage. He really has been exceeding our expectations. Not only does he work with us together on a weekly basis, he also works and helps us individually as our own person. I finally don’t feel alone in my head anymore. Our marriage is no where near perfect .. but for the FIRST time our marriage seems to be progressing emotionally and physically. He really gets down to the root of the problem and genuinely cares about our progression and wants our marriage to work ! I am so thankful for his dedication to his work and his clients . I’m looking forward to continue working with him. I would HIGHLY recommend him to ANY couple or individual person who just needs extra help like we did. Thank you STEPHEN KIM! More...


By helping to improve the relationship/marriage, I also help the individual people's issues. This is why the relationship/marriage has problems - issues that need to be worked out in the two people.

Just seeing how people are suffering through this pandemic. Marriages are being affected because they're around each other all the time. They never dealt with the problems in the marriage when life was normal, but now that the couple are around each other all the time, the issues are showing up.

I'm very personable. I try to invest in the lives of the two people to help deal with things in themselves & in the relationship/marriage. I'm a Relationship & Marriage Coach that gives a personal touch into the counseling. I don't try to be distant, but I try to build authentic relationships with them.

I think the couple & I are more comfortable to have sessions remotely through Zoom. With the sessions being remote, they can be anywhere in the world.


1 weekly session with couple, homework given to the couple to work on through the week, & 1on1 text or phone call during the week for each person