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Columbus, OH

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I believe building strong relationships between clients and coaches is the most effective way to sustain long-term success. Your health will be constantly evolving as you make progress and your priorities change so a healthy relationship with your coach an important component for progress.

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Nutrients are the keys that unlock all of our bodies metabolic processes. When we feed our body the right foods, we can positively impact nutrient absorption, energy metabolism, hormone regulation and ultimately disease prevention and longevity.

Our thoughts and attitudes influence our behavior. I work with clients to create positive belief systems so that they can build the resiliency they need to be successful. Once your mind believes that you can become healthier, your body will follow.

Consistency is key to achieving results. Small, daily habits practiced over time yield better results than inconsistent, extreme fluctuations in behaviors that are unsustainable. Think of it like compounding interest - if you start making small, daily deposits into an investment account, your yield will be much greater in 20 years than if you wait and try to make one large deposit. Fitness is the same. Start now and start small - you will be thankful you did.

I love teaching people how to take control of their own health. When we are educated and empowered to live healthy lives, we are better equipped to do the things we love. I feel fulfilled when it "clicks" for a client how fitness and nutrition impacts their daily lives, their mental health, and their personal and professional relationships.

I enjoy the opportunity to connect with clients in ways that are not always available to larger organizations. Starting my own business allows me to operate with the integrity that I hold for health and wellness, without being influenced by outside agendas. I believe this allows me to provide the most authentic service to my clients.

We are all teachers and students. I enjoy learning from my clients as much as I love teaching them. I look forward to learning about your unique qualities and seeing what ways I can help add value to your life while you are adding value to others.

In person training is available in Columbus, OH with limited availability. Please inquire for more details if you are interested.
Online personal training is open with full availability. Online training will be hosted over the TrueCoach platform and virtual meetings will be conducted through Zoom.

All in-person training will be socially distanced and your trainer will wear a mask upon request. Clients are permitted to, but not required to wear a mask during training sessions.


Customized workout routines specific to exercise preferences, abilities and goals.
Guided instructions on technique and form.
Easy to follow online format.
Email access and video conferencing with your trainer.
Regular check-ins and progress reports.

Clinical assessments and evaluations.
Personalized, science-based nutrition recommendations.
Meal planning.
Therapeutic diets.
Supplementation recommendations.
Weight management.
Chronic disease prevention and management.