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Healing Arts Media Group specializes in small business web design. We believe every person and every business has a gift to offer this world, but sometimes fear sets in, making the unknown a daunting task to get through. We say just follow your intuition, keep walking the path of possibilities professionally and personally, and stay grateful for everything you have.

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A great website is a site that your customers feel is easy to navigation, professional looking, and not overloaded with too much information. Image is the first things customers see, so you must have something that looks like you are passionate about what you do.

We also ask clients:
What is your goal of your website at this time? (not too look to far into the future)
Who is your target audience?
Are you trying to sell products on your site, verse just utilizing Amazon, Etsy, or another ecommerce platform?
What is your budget?
Do you currently have a website, and do you edit the site yourself, or have a designer do it each time you need a change?

Healing Arts Media loves to help small businesses succeed, even in just a small way. We believe in listening to our customers passions, and what they ultimately want from their business. Connecting with like minded people who have passions and dreams drives us.

Healing Arts Media Group started out of a passion to help massage therapists and small holistic businesses build an online presence. We have a passion for the holistic industry, and always wanted to promote the healing and holistic profession, and since we used those services, we thought we could help customers get noticed online easier and professionally.

We believe customers choose Healing Arts Media because we are a pretty laid back group of holistic, tech junkies. We are upfront in telling customers if we are able to do the type of work they are requesting, or we simply refer the client to a better, more advanced firm, or show the client ways they can do some things themselves.

We primarily offer services remotely. We do not plan on opening a retail office, but are free to meet with clients in local coffee shops in and around the Phoenix area, and occasionally.

We primarily do zoom, skype or over the phone consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic.


We are small business web design services. We typically recommend either putting your site onto wordpress platform, or utilizing a software as a service option in the cloud. We have exert recommendations based on your needs and budget.

We also offer logo design services. We offer free consultation on your current logo, and possibly what you might want to do with it to enhance it or create something new.