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I partner with individuals who are in career transition. Together, we work on reenergizing, rebooting, or reinventing your career. Together, we gain clarity on where you stand, identify where you want to be, and design an action plan to take you there.

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16 June 2021

Harry's transition coaching has been transformative, and his counsel and guidance illuminating. I've worked with a number of good coaches over the years, and I can say without hesitation that the progress and clarity I've gained with Harry is unparalleled.

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15 June 2021

Harry was absolutely amazing and helped me drill down to what my true priorities were. He was unfailingly patient and still pushed me in a way that got me out of the box of my own thinking. He always had new tools to try. I was extremely stuck and had been for years, so he needed a LOT of tools to get me to some perspective on my situation. When we started working together, Harry helped me define very clear goals on what we were looking for. Once I reached clarity on the questions I had been asking, Harry himself suggested that we had reached those goals, and that we conclude the process. He has always made himself available to me should I need him again, but I was blown away that when we finished, we finished. I would recommend Harry to anyone who has reached a roadblock in any area of their life. He helped me in a way that no one else ever has. More...

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1 June 2021

I have been working with Harry through my transition from traditional medical practice to the career and life of my dreams. Harry's coaching has been an incredibly important resource through this life change, and has helped me to move past the "I can'ts" that had previously stood in my way. Harry's coaching style is powerful, professional, supportive, honest, and challenging. He brings extensive experience from his work with high-achieving professionals who seem, from the outside, to have achieved a lot, but who dream of much greater personal growth and the pursuit of more creative and entrepreneurial goals. Harry has a holistic coaching style where everything is on the table - he coaches skillfully around all the professional and personal challenges that come up when one is going through big transition. It is a brave and uncommon person who decides to climb out of a seemingly comfortable, barely tolerable career/life into the thrilling, uncertain future that nurtures one's passion, personality and sense of purpose. Coaching with Harry has given me the edge that I needed to clearly imagine my greatness and overcoming my doubts and fears to step into that life. My coaching experience has helped me visualize my amazing, unique and powerful potential to create a career and life that feels purposeful and joyful More...

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Partnering with individuals that are open and willing to change their lives and careers.

I was faced with my own career transition. I understand the challenges one faces by jumping into the unknown.

My clients have found that I provide a trusting, safe space, that they can explore their dreams, challenges, and fears, while at the same time, moving forward towards their goals.

Yes. I typically work with my clients over the phone. I find that it heightens listening. I'm also open to working with people via Skype, or Zoom, if that would make them more comfortable.

Not applicable. Since my work is remote, this hasn't been an issue.