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Hello, my name is Shaun Hammer and I'm here to completely change your life! I've done extensive research as well as implementing all of this on what it takes to become a high performer just like the 1% of the world. I personally have SEVEN different coaches in different areas of my life!

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Seeing the end result of my clients and how different their lives have changed.

I was completely unhappy with my life, job, and it needed to change fast! I'm an Army Combat Veteran, Husband, and Father to four children, two of which are special needs. After hiring coaches myself to drastically change my life I discovered how easy it was and decided to share with as many people as I can because YOU too deserve to live your dream life!

First things first, I actually care about you and what happens to you. Second, I guarantee results. Why you might ask? Easy, because if you follow my coaching program, It's physically impossible for it to NOT work. Humans have tested everything under the sun and there's a certain path you must follow in becoming the high performer you wish to be!

Yes, everything can be done virtually. But If you are in the Clearwater Florida area I will be more than happy to do meet-ups.


We will go over Exactly what you do in your daily life and Optimize it for peak performance. Regardless of what it is you do! This will help you become the best of the best!

I use a special technique that has been proven many times with scientific studies that it actually works. Regardless of how funky and weird it is!