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Ha! Yes! Design is less formally known as Jim Hayes, who was hankering for exclamation points in his last name. We --let's face it, I --offer high-quality design, illustration and writing, within your time frame, at a cost lower than places with receptionists.

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16 May 2019

Graphic Design

It is extremely rare to find someone such as Jim that is not only talented on the design side but also versed in the business and marketing side as well. Jim truly “gets it!” In the short time I worked with Jim it became clear that he is one of the most creative, talented, trustworthy and honest individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. His work ethic, talent and focus on detail and desire to understand the full nature of the project are just three of the reasons why Jim would be an asset to any company looking to build their brand and send the right message to their clients. We will be working with Jim on future projects as we grow our company.

Chase M. Richardson
VP of Business Development
Future Force Talent Connection, LLC


The process fluctuates from job to job, but here's a thumbnail: First, I meet my client and wring out the essence of who they are, what makes them unique, and how to approach their needs. If it's something like a logo or poster, I will spend several sessions with a pencil, sketching ideas. For something like a brochure, I look at how to best illustrate the message, and dive in. For logos, I show many ideas. For other projects, I often show just one, which is nearly always accepted, saving the client a bunch of money. I love efficiency!

As mentioned above, just spending time with my clients allows the deepest needs to surface. It's not as easy to achieve that level of rapport when we're in different time zones, so it's a good thing I have a water-cooled phone so it doesn't overheat from long conversations.

Of course, being creative. Also, NOT being creative. It's the variety. I've created thousands of ads for touring Broadway shows, and sometimes it's nice to plug into the show's format, flip the autopilot switch and crank out material. The other end of the spectrum is spending a week or two exploring every way I can make a logo for a company. Two other loves: watching someone go gaga over the work I've provided. And, I'm fond of getting paid and eating.

When I exited college, there were no jobs. So I spotted bad design, usually on signs, and offered my services, often in trade, just to gain experience. So I've always been a free-lancer. My last "real" job was at The Ad Agency That Time Forgot. The owner, who inherited the business, feared creativity, so I had to keep up with the side jobs in order to grow. When job hunting, prospective employers were confused as to whether I was an "advertising designer" or a "graphic designer." I still don't know the difference. They wanted a specific specialist, and there I was, also a writer, editor and illustrator. I decided that my strengths were actually strengths, and struck out on my own.

Because they are smart, good looking, emit a pleasant odor, and value bang for the buck. There are cheaper designers out there. There are also more expensive designers out there, but you're paying more for little or no difference in expertise. Being quick and efficient, I've found, is what sets me apart, and gives my clients a good value.

Being new to Bark, I don't have any testimonials in that market. To see what other deliriously happy clients have said, visit http://www.ha-yesdesign.com/about/testimonials/