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Green Sail Inc.

Burbank, CA

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If you are looking to build a home that makes a real difference, Green Sail Inc. is the place to go. Our single family homes bring you to the forefront of all-electric, high-efficiency, high quality sustainability. You want a home that can be completely powered by renewable energy, look no farther.

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Eliminating fossil fuel usage through good design and a long lasting relationship with clients after a job well done.

I have a vision for the future where sustainable construction is a minimum standard. While many excellent architecture firms integrate sustainability into their work, very few do so with a clear vision for achieving this for standard developer grade homes. Unfortunately, these wasteful and polluting homes are exactly the types of homes being built in the largest volumes. It's past time to make all new home construction efficient & sustainable.

When a building is built it should be built to last for generations not decades. When you start thinking in generations your decision making can be wiser and more accountable to your wallet and to future generations. In the era we live in there isn't much room left for the wasteful and short-sighted decisions of the past.

The vast majority of services can be provided remotely. The only exceptions to this are site visits to measure or confirm existing conditions or for construction administration during the construction phase.

We always wear double masks on every site visit and maintain at least 6 ft distance from customers. In addition we ask that, where possible, customers open all of their windows for improved ventilation and safety of all parties. Furthermore, we will only do a site visit if absolutely necessary to verify measurements so as to limit any chances for exposure and only schedule meetings between different clients at least 14 days apart to eliminate any potential of Green Sail being a vector for Covid-19. All meetings, consultations, and other interactions are done remotely.


Architectural Design, Construction Documents, Renderings, Permitting, Bidding and Contract Negotiation, Construction Administration