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Walnut Creek, California, Contra Costa

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I provide coaching for individuals across all stages of life and career path. My approach is to start with the development of your personal brand (your mission, vision, values, strengths), and explore any limiting beliefs or obstacles. Together we then develop a personalized plan to achieve your goals.

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I absolutely love helping others to gain self-awareness, develop confidence and gain clarity about themselves, their dreams, and their goals. It is very fulfilling to support my clients define their personal brand based on their values and vision, and establish goals and a plan to reach their dreams. I have mentored so many people over my 30+ year career, but nothing is more fulfilling than individual coaching where you see such positive changes, growth and outcomes.

I have had my own marketing consulting business for many years. I have gone back and forth over the years being an entrepreneur then working for large corporations (ie: I had a small advertising agency for a # of years, then I was a Director of Marketing at Kaiser Permanente for 5 years, am now a consultant). I always come back to working for myself as it suits my energy, vision, strengths, and work style. I learned this through being coached and doing quite a bit of self-reflection.
I studied to be a teacher in college and I taught a college course one year on marketing which I loved. I like inspiring and motivating others. In my corporate jobs I always had teams of direct reports which I really enjoyed. I liked being a mentor and role model. I missed having that part of my job when I went back to working for myself consulting so decided to become a coach where I could continue to impact the careers of others using my experience, intuition, and training. I believe coaching is my calling and I do it from my heart.

I am really good at what I do. I don't say this without humility. I say it because I was always told by those I mentored how much I helped them. I always felt I had a true calling to help others because I am very intuitive and compassionate. Coaching is not about teaching or mentoring, it requires that the coach pay close attention to the desires and actions of the person they coach to help them reach their goals. This means noticing when they seem more energetic, or discouraged and helping them understand how they feel in order to get underneath the issues. The ultimate goal for a coach is to guide and support, and help develop an achievable plan. As a marketing consultant I develop brands. As a coach, I develop personal brands. I am creative in both and draw upon my intuition. I am good at what I do, and I love what I do, and that is why my clients choose me.