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We provide a network of licensed, compassionate Therapists who are available for therapy sessions by video or in-person. Most insurance plans are accepted. Our Therapist are independent and vetted to ensure they meet educational requirements to serve you, as well as to ensure they are rated highly in their area of expertise.

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Clients should choose Gift Therapist due to our vast Therapist network. The benefit of working with a network of Therapist, is that you have many delivery styles, personalities and other options to choose from. Not every Therapist may connect in a productive way with a client initially. Clients have a dedicated team, vested in ensuring they get matched with a Therapist they can relate and connect with. Clients may request as many changes in Therapist they want until they are satisfied.

Yes, services can be provided online or in person.

In-person sessions require a mask to ensure everyone stays at a healthy distance and stays safe.