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Hyattsville, MD

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I have worked with a variety of people, including Division I coaches and athletes who are now current WNBA players. From my extensive experience, I feel fully equipped to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. Out of network provider.

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I love people. Genuinely. There is little more intriguing than the life story of another human.

My family inspired me to start a life counseling business. My parents are both pastors so I grew up watching them helping people work through problems and live more fulfilling lives.

You should only choose me if I'm the right fit. Honestly, if I am not the right fit, I don't think you should choose me. I want you to find a program that will actually help you.


Specializing in: Life goals/planning, relationships, and habit setting

Exploring who God is, the spiritual aspect of self, and the meaning of life

Chinese, Latin, and Math