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Hi there, my name is Andrea Caprio.

I help busy people to implement simple, healthy eating and lifestyle habits to overcome weight and emotional eating issues permanently, and to support emotional and physical health during difficult times or while confined at home.


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3 September 2020

I have loved working with Andrea and still currently working with her! She is so great and I love the membership program which I have been doing for the last two months. There is a lot of value in the program from the videos, resources, monthly calls, etc that make it all worth it. I have completely changed my mindset since starting this program with her in a short two months. It was interesting for me to think of my weight loss journey more as a mindset and lifestyle change rather than simply just a normal diet. This program has helped me so many more areas than expected including my mental health and energy levels. I highly recommend giving her a shot! I enjoyed that she took time during my initial information appointment before even paying anything to get to know me and make sure this was a program that would work for me and my goals! More...

Taylor, thank you so much for your awesome review. You are doing so well and I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work!

31 August 2020

I initially contacted Andrea with help to lose weight. Along the way, she has helped me with other issues such as time management, self-confidence and self-care, which have been invaluable to me. Andrea's style is non-judgmental and she truly comes from a place of caring. More...

Thanks for your lovely review and for continuing in my group coaching program for such a long time. You are a star and I am so proud of you for your achievements

26 August 2020

Andrea helped me get over some personal roadblocks to reach my weight loss goals. She also helped me get started on a journey to be more in tune with my body and better able to respond to stress. I also went from being someone who thought I was eating enough vegetables to someone who actually eats a ton of vegetables! Thank you again for this truly transformative experience. More...

Thanks so much for your kind review. It has been such a pleasure working with you. Keep up the great work.

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The diet counts for around 80% of your health, however having a healthy lifestyle, approaching health holistically, looking at emotional triggers and considering bio-individuality, are also very important. I help my clients on all those levels to ensure long term wellbeing.

I love helping people to living their best lives. So many people lost hope and have been let down.

When I get a message like the one below from a client, I know I did right and it makes me happy.

Good Morning Andrea,
It was a very powerful week for me, last week. I had a wonderful break through moment that I want to share with you. I was feeling in heavy need for comfort. In these type of stress induced instances I normally turn to food. But I had the awareness this time to stop and think instead of reaching directly to food, which made all the difference in the world. Because of that awareness, I turned to other things to help me. I started to play my flute, which has been over a year since I last played. I took time for myself and pampered myself. And it honestly was like a light clicked on in my brain, I felt so much happier. It clicked that I had found out how to help myself, giving me something food never could. Which also gives me confidence that I know how to better handle difficult, stressful situations that doesn't jeopardize my health. Plus, it allows me to also turn to things I enjoy doing, double plus!

Another thing I want to share, is I was needing a little extra encouragement over the weekend as I was feeling a little down. So I took a risk and weighed myself. I am at 343 pounds, with a total loss of 22 pounds in the time we have been working together. Yay! I think we have been working together for 2 and 1/2 months?" (NB it was only 1.5 months we worked together)

I realized for myself how the right food has improved my own health and just by changing the way I ate, my migraine, digestive issues, weight struggles, very low energy, hormonal issues (fibroids), suddenly improved. I wanted to help other people achieve the same and that's when I started studying and opening my coaching business.

I believe we are all different and need a different approach or diet adapted to our personality and whole body.

I look at the root causes why somebody struggles with health or weight issues and then holistically help my clients to address them. This includes cutting-edge science of nutrition (functional), psychology, spirituality and life coaching principles. One without the other is not going to help and that's why so many people have failed in the past and working with me, they get results that they keep for the rest of their lives.

Here one of my clients' reviews
Amy C.: The numbers on my scale are steadily going down but working with Andrea is more than weight loss. She sincerely cares about the whole person and has very constructive methods to increase total health without judgement or negativity of any kind. Not only do I feel better in terms of physical health, my mental health and attitude are benefitting as well. I absolutely love what Andrea has done for me and look forward to what she has in store for me in the future!"


This is a highly personalized 1:1 online coaching that helps you to address root causes and improve your health, lose weight and improve emotional/spiritual wellbeing. During an initial consultation, we will map out your way forward so you can achieve your goals and maintain them. (Monthly cost. Different investment options available.)

Improve your health, emotional eating and lose weight. Within a small, supportive group we meet regularly, with additional 1:1 Q&A sessions and regular modules with videos, resources, regular text support, teaching you how to improve the different areas, implement habits and achieve long term wellbeing. During an initial consultation, we will map out your way forward so you can achieve your goals and maintain them. (Monthly cost. Different investment options available.)

This consultation is normally $267, but for a limited time, I’m making it available for free, as long as I have space! In this powerful session you will get: - Step by step plan to achieve your perfect weight fast and permanently - A new awareness of what is causing weight gain and emotional eating right now (they may not be what you think!) - A renewed sense of energy about turning your eating habits, weight and health issues around (and how to become finally confident again) - A “next-step” action plan for moving your emotional eating and weight issues into the next phase of control, confidence and happiness - forever! Sign up here https://wellnessmethods.com/fastaction/

Improve your health, emotional eating and lose weight. Join my monthly membership giving you access to regular modules with videos, resources, unlimited digital coaching support, teaching you how to improve the different areas of your health, implement habits and achieve long term wellbeing. (Sign up for a 7-day trial at $1, then pay $97 monthly, cancel anytime.)

A FREE resource helping you to overcome sugar cravings. Get it here https://wellnessmethods.com/sugar-cravings-workbook/