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We provide professional investigative services including criminal defense, fire cause & origin, auto accident, wrongful death, police misconduct investigations, witness locates and interviewing, just to name a few. Our investigators are all trained, bonded and insured and we pride ourselves with the quality and confidentiality that you and your situation demand. Call us today

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30 January 2018

Incredible Investigator, sorry to see him move to West Virginia,,,, We highly recommend Tom !!

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We are, currently, the only Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators in the entire State of WV. Our investigators are an essential part of your defense case and work hard to ensure your rights under the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution. We go into every case with an open mind and allow the evidence to lead us to conclusion.
Our investigators conduct interviews, review and analyze the prosecutions evidence, review police procedures, Chain of Custody logs and conduct crime scene investigations. We work hand in hand with your attorney to develop a legal strategy for your case.

Our Process Service division covers the entire State of WV and beyond, using our vast contacts from around the country. We are able to serve Subpoenas in both civil and criminal cases as well as Summons' and Complaints in civil court. If you need any type of service on your case, give us a call or email and we'll be happy to discuss this service in detail

Our C&O division is able to conduct an investigation into the cause and origin of any questionable fire. If you're not happy with the results of a fire department investigation or need answers as the why and how a fire occurred, contact us for a free consultation. This service includes home, auto, garage or any other type structure.

Our team is more than happy to discuss your case. We conduct surveillances, photo or videotape evidence, interview witnesses, conduct scene investigations as well as civil liability matters. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

Our investigators will discuss these matters as they arise. We conduct scene investigations, establish a time line, photograph the scene and will work with your attorney and/or insurance company to ensure you're protected against and unjustified claims made by another party.