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23 December 2019

I called foglight investigations for help.They were very professional with assisting my family with an investigation. They provided great service with patience and genuinely cared about my family member well being. I definitely recommend this service to others in need. More...

23 December 2019

I highly recommend this company. Foglight investigation did an extraordinary job obtaining the information that I needed . I couldn't have asked for better service! Very happy with the service I received. More...

16 December 2019

fog-light has the skills, as a previous cop, he was very detective worth of bringing criminals and crooks to their knees to pay their debts top society. he is calm, personal and best of all confidential! More...

8 September 2019

Foglight has tge moves like jagger

30 June 2019

Art has always been there for me. He does background checks on short notice and most of the time we can find someones adress and info baded on license plate, plus his investigative, negotiating skills and stealthy surveillance is unreal. He really has honed his craft of blending in and its amazing to watch him in action. More...

28 October 2018

Foglight has the best surveillance team to catch even the sneakiest of cheaters in the game. Stay tuned...

28 October 2018

Best surveillance and background check service ever! Caught my husband cheating and footage was VERY CLEAR. Artur you are the best!

28 September 2018

Thank you for being a friend and helping me through my situation.

26 May 2018

The service here is amazing. He can really dive deep and get info.

26 May 2018

This guy is so cool and helpful he always makes my day.

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