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We take a holistic approach that is drugless, and emphasize self-healing and emotional-mental wellbeing, especially for those who are spiritually inclined, and interested in the path of self-development and personal growth.

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9 August 2018

Dr. Helen is Great. I have used her many times for my natural healing and will continue using her,

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9 August 2018

A place to reach health, balance, and harmony. This is where you can learn the practices and exercises that can help you stay healthy or come back to health (in case you fall out of there).

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Help people come out of their pain, stress and difficulties, so that they can regain freedom, clarity and a sense of direction to move on along their life path.

I see the light and hope all around us, the beauty and magnificence of everyone living through this lifetime. Everyone can come out of their own darkness and difficulties, live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I was able to accomplish this myself, so can you, and everyone else.

My professional experiences working in the field of healthcare, my knowledge and insights into people's life challenges, my passion and compassion for alleviating the pain and suffering of others, my grounded approach combining both science and art of healing, and a mother's heart for all people and all beings.

Yes. Remote service available through zoom and video conferencing. https://www.flow-of-light.com/make-reservations

Currently we are offering remote sessions only, pls read FAQ on https://www.flow-of-light.com/faq for other questions.


Elevate yourself out of your normal range of perception and see things from a broader perspective in this meditation and energy healing session that is designed to help you gain deeper insight into the solutions you need to solve your life challenges, either a physical illness, relationship stress, or mental-emotional problem.

Emotional trauma and baggage buried from past or present experiences such as childhood time can often block our consciousness and make us repeat the same pattern until they are released out of the body and mind. These sessions are designed to help you go through these experiences in a safe and healthy way so that you can gradually recognize these underlying patterns and remove the pain gentally one layer at a time. The session is done through a meditative and deep relaxation setting using life review technique.

Mind clearing is like cleaning and rebooting a computer, which gets cluttered over time with too many files and softwares, some are even being infected with viruses and bugs. These harmful mental patterns or unhealthy conditions often control our behaviors, such as negative beliefs or harmful mental imprints that have been accumulated since childhood. Mind clearing helps to identify these patterns and release them at your will to help you become freer and lighter, decluttering and removing mental stress. The steps involved are energy clearing, meditation, journaling, life review, spending time in nature, and other reflective techniques. Clarity, focus, and true productivity are what we aim for in Mind Clearing.